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Createx Pearlized Colors 60ml

Pearl effect  •  Item ID: M-CR5301-02
95 kr
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Createx Pearlized Colors, intended to be used on top of Createx Opaque Colors, provide a shimmering, pearl like effect. The effect is most prominent in direct light. Since the color is not full coverage, it works best on a white or black background and gives a slightly sparkling effect.

Createx Colors are the world's most used professional airbrush colors.

All the shades in this product have a shimmer effect.

Antal Styckpris Totalt
0 95 kr 0 kr
5311 Pearl Pineapple
Not available 95 kr
5312 Pearl Tangerine
In stock 95 kr
5309 Pearl Red
In stock 95 kr
5302 Pearl Magenta
In stock 95 kr
5303 Pearl Turquoise
In stock 95 kr
5304 Pearl Blue
In stock 95 kr
5313 Pearl Lime
In stock 95 kr
5305 Pearl Green
In stock 95 kr
5314 Pearl Plum
In stock 95 kr
5301 Pearl Purple
In stock 95 kr
5306 Pearl Copper
In stock 95 kr
5307 Pearl Satin Gold
In stock 95 kr
5308 Pearl Silver
In stock 95 kr
5316 Pearl Platinum
In stock 95 kr
5310 Pearl White
In stock 95 kr
5315 Pearl Black
In stock 95 kr
Antal Styckpris Totalt
0 95 kr 0
  • 2 OZ, 60ml
  • Water based and non-toxic. Reaches ASTM D-4236 standard requirements
  • Works on textile, wood, leather, canvas, plastics, aluminum, metals, ceramics, clay, latex, glass and much more.
  • Apply darker Pearlescent colors over a black base such as Createx Opaque Black and lighter colors over Createx Opaque White
  • To assist flow and atomization, Pearlized Colors may be thinned with 5601 Transparent Base
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