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Industrial crayons

Here you will find our industrial crayons, paintsticks and streakers. These industrial chalks are adapted for use on rough surfaces as well as rusty or wet surfaces. We have industrial crayons from popular brands such as Markal, Sakura and Hand Mixed.

Industrial crayons
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  • Industrial chalk

    Industrial crayons are crayons suitable for industrial use. An industrial chalk can be used for several purposes both in industry but also in other art forms. An industrial chalk is often water resistant and can therefore usually be used on already damp or even wet surfaces. It doesn't matter if the surface you use the industrial chalk on is rusty or dirty. Some industrial crayons are also called streakers. The beauty of an industrial chalk is that they can be used on almost any surface such as glass, plastic, metal, concrete, rubber and cardboard. We recomend the Markal B Paintstick!


    industrikrita industrial marker

    industrikritor painsticks



    Industrial oilbased crayons

    We have a wide range of bold oil based industrial chalks, also called paintsticks or streakers. These industrial chalks are even more water- and dirt resistant and a bit smudgy. We have industrial crayons in the popular colors white, yellow, red and black. But we also have industrial crayons that are multi colored and to achieve the best effect with these you can easily spin the crayon when you write with it. Choose from well known brands such as Molotow, Sakura and Hand Mixed.

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