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Paint Markers

Paint markers in the form of pens, markers and squeezers that contain paint. We have paint markers that contain oil based lacquer paint, alcohol based paint, acrylic paint or water based paint to name a few. Most markers that contain paint are opaque and have high coverage. Choose from the range of paint markers from well known brands such as Grog, Molotow, Uni paint, Markal and MTN.

Paint Markers
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    Paint markers is a broad term and several different types of markers belong to paint markers and these in turn contain several different types of paint. We have collected all the markers that contain paint in one place. But it can be good to know the difference between different paints to find the marker that suits you.


    Lacquer based paint and oil based paint in markers

    Markers that contain lacquer paint or lacquer based paint are very permanent when dry, but take a little longer to dry. That's because the paint in your chips often contains oil. Markers with lacquer paint are suitable for most surfaces and we recommend the bestseller Uni PX-30 if you are looking to buy a marker with lacquer paint. These markers also work well for cars and use as tire markers, for rubber and other industrial surfaces.


    Paint markers

    Paint markers lack oljebaserad


    Markers that contain solvents or are alcohol based

    These include, for example, MTN Street PAINT and the products from GROG in the series FMP, Full Metal Paint and XFP, Extra Flow Paint. Markers with solvent based paint dry quickly and adhere to most surfaces and substrates. The solvent in your chip can affect surfaces differently. Frigolite melts from solvents.


    alkoholbaserad marker

    alcohol based markers


    Classic markers

    We have a selection of classic markers such as Pilot Super Color Marker, Black and Sharpie Magnum. These markers are sometimes called placard pens and are popular in the industry because they work for basically everything. These pens contain a quick drying chemical ink. These markers also contain permanent ink and can be found in the "Ink Markers" category.


    Water based paint in markers

    Markers that contain water based paint are suitable for most surfaces such as wood, glass, plastic, cardboard, paper and metal to name a few. The products from MTN Water Based are water based and acrylic based markers. Some water based markers contain acrylic. The markers that are water based and do not contain acrylic can be found in the categories "Design Markers" and "Felt tip markers".


    Acrylic based paint in markers

    Water-based paints often have acrylic in them and are therefore also acrylic based. We recommend the products from GROG in the APP series, Aqua Pro Paint if you want to buy a water-based marker or squeezer that is acrylic-based. You can also find some acrylic based markers in the category "Acrylic markers".


    How long does a paint marker last?

    An unopened marker can last a very, very long time. The tighter your marker is sealed, the longer it will last.


    How long does the color last?

    How permanent a chip is depends on many things, but these three points are the most decisive.

    • The color of your chips. In general, alcohol based paint is the paint that is most permanent. The least permanent is water based paint.
    • The surface you paint on with your marker. The more porous the surface you paint on, the faster the paint will wear or crack. A surface that has little structure causes the color to stick in the pores of the surface and you get a more permanent result.
    • Wear. Weather, wind and friction wear away the paint and the surface then painted on with your markers. The more wear, the faster the paint wears off. The paint that is most difficult to sand off is lacquer based paint.
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