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Felt tip markers

Felt tip markers with light transparent ink developed for use on paper. Perfect for everything from graffiti sketches and manga sketches to professional use. Many felt tip markers are non toxic, which means that they are also perfect as markers for children. Buy them individually, or in ready-made packs in a range of different options.

Felt tip markers
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    Felt tip markers are markers with a more or less soft felt tip. Felt tip markers contain ink that can be either water based or alcohol based. If your markers are alcohol based, it can be good to choose a paper that is adapted for alcohol-based markers. These are non absorbent papers, also called marker papers. This is because alcohol based markers tend to bleed through plain paper.

    Felt tip markers are usually transparent, which means that you can see through the layer of ink. Therefore, it is usually customary to illustrate on a light surface with felt tip pens. But one positive thing about the marker being transparent is that you can paint layer upon layer and create shades by combining different colors.


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