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Here you will find our well selected range of airbrush compressors. Small compact compressors that you can take with you on your travels, simpler variants for the beginner and stationary high performance machines for professional airbrush use. Whatever the purpose, we have the airbrush compressor for you.

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    Choosing the right compressor for your airbrush can be a jungle. Here we will try to guide you through all the steps and help you find one that suits your needs.

    In order to paint with your airbrush, you need air. The easiest way to solve this is with a compressor. The cheaper compressors usually do not have an air tank but run constantly regardless of whether you are painting or not and the noise level can be quite strong (and constant). A compressor with an air tank only sounds when it fills the tank with air and the motor then shuts off when it is filled with air. With a tank on the compressor, there will also be a smoother flow when you airbrush, as pressure has already built up in the tank. When the air pressure is sick after you have painted for a while, the motor starts, and the tank is filled again. Since condensation is created in the tank by the air that is in it, it is good to have a water filter, on the braided slightly more professional compressors it is, of course, included, otherwise you can buy a filter and connect it to your airbrush.

    Airbrush compressor iwata

    Airbrush compressor sparmax

    When it comes to painting with an airbrush, it is important that you have a suitable compressor and not a compressor in the garage, it might work, but the result will be different. So invest in a compressor that is made for airbrush instead. We recommend a compressor with an air tank, regulator, and water filter or at least one of these three. What many people usually have to take into account is also how loud the compressor is, most of the compressors we sell are very quiet and it shouldn't be a problem to paint in an apartment with them.

    Some advantages of choosing an airbrush compressor over a regular workshop compressor:

    • Quiet running
    • The print is adapted to airbrush
    • Less condensation
    • Correct connections


    Compare different airbrush compressors

    Below is a table where you can compare different airbrush compressors we sell.



    Decibels (dB)

    Max Pressure (psi)

    Air Storage Tank Capacity

    Air Pressure Regulator

    Iwata Neo Air

    52150 LiterNo

    Iwata Ninja Jet

    62400 LiterYes

    Iwata Smart Jet Pro

    59502 LiterYes

    Iwata Maxx Jet

    72602,5 LiterYes

    Iwata Smart Jet Plus Tubular

    69550,45 LiterYes

    Iwata Power Jet Pro

    62502 LiterYes

    Sparmax TC-501N

    55502 LiterYes

    Sparmax Compressor TC-610H

    53582,5 LiterYes

    Sparmax Compressor TC-620X

    53602,5 LiterYes


    Also, check out our airbrush guide if you want to read more about airbrushing. 

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