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Water Based Spray

Water spray paint has become a success makeing it easier for artists and professional graffiti artists during indoor use. This type of spray paint is almost odorless, but do not forget that all types of spray paint always contains a propellant so a dust masks is always good to use!

Water Based Spray
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  • About water-based spray paint

    Water-based spray paint has many uses and, unlike regular spray paint, has a low odor and lack of solvents, which makes it particularly suitable for indoor use in, for example, studios, studios or workshops. Water-based spray paint usually dries matte, but can be varnished for a glossier finish if desired.

    Vattenbaserad sprayfärg för canvas

    Vattenbaserad sprayfärg för inredning


    Some ways to use water-based spray paint are:

    1. Paint with water-based spray paint on canvas. You can also use other ways of applying the paint, for example spraying the paint on a sponge or brush which you then paint with. The paint is water-soluble for about 30 minutes before it dries permanently so your brushes and painting accessories are not damaged. In addition, the surface becomes very durable and even with water-based spray paint, unlike ordinary spray paint which easily cracks or cracks on canvas.
    2. Indoor murals. Many professional graffiti painters paint with water-based spray paint indoors precisely because of its less hazardous properties. But you should always wear a protective mask when handling spray, whether you are indoors or outdoors.
    3. Paint interiors, furniture and decorations. Because water-based spray paint has such a low odor and lack of solvents, it's perfect for indoor DIY projects. Water-based spray paint can be applied to wood, metal, glass, plastic, cardboard and more, and even though it is water-based, it is not water-soluble when dry. Namely; you get a sustainable result.
    4. Combine with other techniques and medium. Because water-based spray paint is water-soluble before it dries, it is great to mix the paint with medium for other properties or with other colors to create new colors. You can also combine water-based spray paint with water-based pencils in your creation.
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