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Spray Varnish

Here you can find all our types of spray varnish used on top spray paint to provide a protective layer. Available in a range of different types of end finish, like matt semi-glossy/matte and matte. We recommend that you always choose the varnish that is related to the spray paint brand-wise, and read the instructions carefully for best results.

Spray Varnish
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  • Why use clear coat?

    Spray varnish is indispensable for those of you who are repainting a piece of furniture in the home, want to give your artwork a nice final finish or need to increase the wear resistance of, for example, a helmet or bicycle. Adding clear coat on top of your painted surface not only gives a nice surface finish, but also protects against both bumps and scratches. Many of our spray varnishes also protect against UV light so that the sun does not fade the colours. We recommend that you use the same brand of paint as on spray paint as far as possible.


    Two-component varnish

    In addition to our range of spray lacquers in various finishes, we also have a range of two-component lacquers. Two-component varnish, or 2K varnish as it is often called, is a varnish that provides extra good protection against UV light, wear, scratches, weather and wind. 2K varnish also protects against chemicals and petrol and is therefore a little extra suitable for use on cars and motorbikes. Two-component varnish is available, just like ordinary spray varnish, in several different finishes such as satin, matt and clear varnish.

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