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Painting mediums

Here you will find a large selection of painting medium for acrylic paint, watercolor paint or water paint. Everything from gesso, structure medium and gel to ox bile and top coats. to find the right medium, you can read on the product page whether it is an acrylic medium or a watercolor medium. We also have mediums for textile paints and oil paints.

Painting mediums
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  • About acrylic mediums

    There are a multitude of different mediums that you can use for your acrylic paint. You can mix some mediums with the acrylic paint to achieve different results and effects. For example, you can make your acrylic paint more viscous or more fluid. You can use other mediums to create textures either on your canvas or by mixing it with the paint. Some examples of media for acrylic paint are gesso, primer, texture paste, medium that controls gloss, texture gel and medium that makes the acrylic paint more fluid.


    målarmedium akvarellfärg


    akrylfärg målarmedium gesso



    About watercolor medium

    Aquarelle medium is a painting medium for watercolor paint or so called water color. Some examples of mediums for watercolor paint are Oxgalle which is diluted with water and used to wet down the paint to make it more fluid. Another example is masking medium used to protect certain surfaces against paint. You simply apply the medium to the surfaces that should remain white and let it dry. Then you paint as usual and when your work is dry, you peel off the film that was created to allow the white to appear. Other mediums are primers and binders for watercolor paint.

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