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Cutting Mats

Here we have collected all our cutting mats. We have green, black and transparent screen mats in sizes suitable for A2, A3 and A4 formats. Screen mats from Altera are made of a hard-wearing and self-healing material and last a really long time.

Cutting Mats
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    Cutting mats, such as cutting mats, are good to have when you want to protect a table surface but also to not wear out your knife. We have cutting mats in different sizes adapted to paper in A2-, A3- and A4 formats. With your cutting mat, you can easily see measurements and see margins and quickly cut your material to the desired size. Many cutting mats are made from self healing materials, so you know they will last a long time! A tip is to use your cutting mat as a mouse pad on the desk when you are sitting with the computer, and as a cutting mat when you are creating.


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