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Chalk Markers

Chalk markers are water resistant markers that can easily be wiped off with a cloth. Chalk markers can be used on glass, metal and other non absorbent surfaces. Chalk markers are perfect for decorating a shop window or street speaker with chalk lettering both indoors and outdoors.

Chalk Markers
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    Chalk markers are perfect for those of you who have a small shop and want to attract customers in an effective and affordable way. Decorate and embellish your shop windows with chalk markers!

    A chalk marker is a combination of a classic chalk and a marker. With a chalk marker you avoid white chalk dust on your clothes and can easily store your chalk marker in a durable way by remembering to put the lid on. Another advantage is that you can easily use several colors. We have chalk markers in the classic colors yellow, red, green and blue but also fluorescent colors and effect colors such as gold and silver.

    Some chalkboards absorb the paint, so we recommend that you test on a small area first and make sure that the paint can be wiped off. The same applies if you use a chalk marker on a rough surface where the pigment easily penetrates the surface and becomes difficult to remove.


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