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Sketch books & Papers

Sketchbooks, paper and sketchpads in different sizes for all different types of pens and purposes. Everything from simple, ring-bound sketchpads and soft cover sketchpads to advanced sketchbooks with special paper or ready-made illustrations to fill in. We have sketchpads and drawing paper for different techniques such as acrylics and markers.

Sketch books & Papers
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    In our selection you will find blocks and books for all types of creation, regardless of the medium you work with. We have sketchpads and sketchbooks in sizes A3, A4, A4, A5 and A6. Different blocks have different functions. It can be useful to know the differences between sketchpads and sketchbooks to ensure that your illustrations, texts or sketches turn out as well as possible on the right type of substrate and paper. It has a lot to do with the medium you use. We have sketchpads, drawing pads and sketchbooks that are suitable for drawing with pencil, charcoal, markers, illustration markers, ink and crayons.


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    skissbok skissblock


    The difference between sketchpads and sketchbooks

    Sketchpads are the most common of the two mentioned. Sketchpads have either a glued edge that holds the sheets together or a spiral binding. The paper can be of varying quality and is often a little thinner. Sketchbooks can be compared to ordinary books, they often have a protective cover and spine with binding. Sketchbooks often have slightly thicker paper than sketchpads. Sketchpads are also sometimes referred to as drawing pads, with sketchbooks often being better suited for illustrations and sketchpads or drawing pads being best suited for sketching.

    If you are looking for thick paper, we recommend a sketchbook or a sketchpad with thick paper. Molotow Marker Pad A3, White is a good option. It is also suitable for alcohol-based pens and reduces the risk of the ink bleeding through.


    Different weights and grams of paper

    Paper has different thicknesses and quality. It is common to assess the quality of the paper according to gsm, "Grams per Square Meter". Gsm is sometimes just written as grams, g or gm2. Depending on what you are going to use the paper for, different weights are more or less suitable. A good watercolor paper is usually between 190 gsm and 300 gsm, but can also weigh more. should you use the paper for sketching with a pencil, a lighter paper, approx. 90 gsm, is sufficient. For the sake of simplicity, you can say that the more water a paper needs to absorb, the higher its weight should be.

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