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Here you will find our entire range of pencils and colored pencils. Pencils and colored pencils from popular brands such as Faber-Castell and Uni. You can choose to buy pens individually or complete selected sets. You can also find several different variants, pin sizes and accessories here!

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  • Color pencils

    We have colored pencils for you who want to illustrate, big or small, on dark or light paper. You can find our popular Faber Castell colored pencils both individually and in selected sets with different shades. If you draw or illustrate a lot, you can easily complete your collection of colored pencils with single pencils. If you have just taken a liking to illustrating or drawing, you can invest in a slightly larger set or large pack of color pencils to have a good foundation for your creation.


    Lead pencils and pencils for sketching

    Pencils, or sketch pens, for drawing or sketching. We offer individual pencils for you to complete your collection of pencils. But of course we also have several sets of pencils that vary in softness and hardness. You can find our single pencils, or sketch pens, from Faber-Castell from HB to 6H.


    Blyertspennor och skisspennor




    Different hardness and softness of pencils

    Pencils vary in hardness and softness and are therefore suitable for different purposes. A soft pencil is good for getting larger shaded or dark areas with, and a hard pencil you can easily get light lines with. Hardness and softness are named on a scale between 9B to 9H where HB is medium hard. Below you will see an image where the softest pencil is 9B. The letter B stands for "Black" and the letter H stands for "Hard".

    Teckna med blyerts


    Blyertspennor skala hårdhet

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