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Effect Spray

Here you will find all effect sprays such as glitter sprays, texture and crackling sprays, luminescent spray and sprays that give a mirror effect. We also have effect spray that imitates rust, granite and marble. Choose from well-known brands such as Krylon and Montana.

Effect Spray
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    In our range of effect sprays you will find many fun and unique products for creative projects. We have, among other things, glitter spray, reflective spray and luminescent spray paint! Only your creativity sets the limits to how these effect colors can be used. Here are some tips on how you can use some of the products:

    • Reflective spray: We have both permanent reflective spray, reflective spray for clothing and reflective spray for animals. It is perfect for spraying on jackets and bags to increase road safety. Another idea is to paint a bike with reflective spray so you can be seen in traffic when it's dark outside!


    • Mirror Paint: A spray paint that can transform glass into a mirror effect! Here it goes without saying that you can create really stylish and unique interior details. Why not find a really nice frame and make your very own mirror. Another idea is to spray the inside of a glass vase with mirror spray!


    • UV paint: Spray paint that glows in UV light. This effect color is perfect for party decorations.


    • Luminous spray paint: This effect paint is also suitable for party decorations of course! The color is charged by daylight and then glows in the dark.


    • Glitter paint: Spray paint with glitter in different colors! Glitter spray is available in different colors such as holographic, gold, silver and more. Glitter spray is well suited for interior details as it sticks to most surfaces.


    • Spray Paint Granite: A spray paint that can turn anything into stone. No, not really, but it makes a really convincing imitation of granite! Granite spray paint is available in several shades and is perfect for interior design and DIY projects.


    • Glass paint: Spray paint adapted for painting with glass. Create your own "tinted windows" or change the color of untinted glass.


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