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Thin fine line pens, fineliners with fiber or plastic tips. Perfect for illustrations, drawings or detailed sketches. We have several different fineliners, in sizes from 0.05mm up to 1.0mm from known manufacturers such as Sakura, Uni Pin, Molotow and Montana Cans.

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    The most common use for a fineliner is to outline. Fineliners contain quick drying ink and are the right type of pen for those who want to make fine lines. So a fineliner is well suited for drawing, writing and sketching. In addition to sketching, drawing and writing with fineliners, you can of course also color and shade. Fineliners come in all sorts of colors and are perfect for making detailed illustrations.


    Which fineliner should I choose?

    What differentiates the pens is mainly ink, color and nib size. We have fineliners in several sizes, colors and inks.


    fineliners fineliner pennor

    Fineliner pennor

    A fineliner has a thin fiber or plastic tip. The nib, point or tip of a fineliner can, in addition to size, also vary in softness and shape. Some fineliners have a tip that resembles a brush, or even is a brush. Some nibs on fineliners are pointed and some are rounded. It's all really a matter of taste. One of our favorites is Pilot V-Sign Pen.

    We have fineliners from Uni Mitsubishi Pencil, Sharpie, Sakura, Pilot, Montana Cans, Molotow, Copic och Chameleon.

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