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Textile Paint

Here you will find our range of textile dyes. we have fabric paint from well known brands such as Createx and Angelus Direct. Angelus Direct are known for their textile paint developed for leather and shoes and Createx for their acrylic textile paints suitable for airbrushing.

Textile Paint
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    With us you will find a selection of textile colors from, among others, Angelus Direct and Createx Colors. Textile dyes are often used with different mediums. We recommend that you use the same brand of textile dye as the medium. You will find associated media in brand categories.

    The result with these textile colors is soft, flexible and wear-resistant. In our assortment you will find a variety of different types of textile dye. we have textile paint for leather and plain fabric. Keep in mind that some textile colors are transparent and that you get the best degree of coverage with an opaque color, especially if you are painting on a dark garment.


    textilfärg för skor


    textilfärg tshirt



    Pencils for textiles

    Many people use POSCA pens and Sharpie pens on textiles such as sweaters and shoes. This is going perfectly. But it is important to remember that the textile is clean, dry and prepared to be painted on and that the paint is sealed. With POSCA pens, you can iron the garment or dry the color with a hair dryer properly. Otherwise, the paint may come off or spread.

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