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Marker Refill

Our range of refills or refilling paint as it is also called. The range matches our range of pens and markers so that you can easily find the right refill for you. But refill can also be used with mixed media or applied with directly with a brush.

Marker Refill
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  • Refill for markers and pens

    Fill up with ink and paint with different properties. Pick and choose according to preference. Our refills match our range of markers. This means that we have refills for pens and markers that are acrylic based, water based, alcohol based and lacquer based.

    Refill paint, also called refill, for your acrylic pen, squeezer, marker, flow pen, graffiti pen, graffiti marker, marker pen, mop or mop. You can fill your pens and markers with color in the form of refills. This way you can buy large packs of ink or color and just refill the same pen as soon as it runs out. With refills, you can, for example:

    • Refill pens and markers that have run out
    • Fill already empty pencils and markers with the desired color
    • Mix your own shades and fill in empty pencils and markers


    refill squeezer mop water


    Refill till pennor och markers


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