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Canvas & Surfaces

Here you will find different types of canvases. Everything from classic canvas to panels for acrylics or oil paint. We have canvas and panel in several different sizes.

Canvas & Surfaces
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    When choosing a canvas, there are really only two things you have to keep in mind, one is which color you are going to use and the other is the texture of the canvas. Then you can pick and choose between different sizes and variants however you like.

    1. If you paint with acrylic paint: A primed canvas. We have several primed canvases called Canvas Stretched.


    2. If you paint with oil paint: Basically any canvas.


    3. If you paint with spray paint: Keep in mind that spray paint is not flexible after it has dried. So if you are painting on a canvas, make sure the canvas is taut and preferably primed with a suitable primer. A good alternative is panel. A panel is a canvas that is glued to a wooden board, which makes it more muted.





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