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Airbrush Guns

Here you will find our airbrush guns, from some of the highest quality manufacturers on the market. We got the airbrush for you, regardless of whether you are going to paint canvases, illustrations, nails, models, fishing lures, helmets, automotive, textiles, ornaments and lots more.

Airbrush Guns
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    Here you will find all our airbrushes. We have selected some of the best brands in the world that manufacture airbrush guns. Japanese Iwata, German Harder & Steenbeck and GSI Creos (Mr Hobby).

    From their cheaper variants perfect to do simpler things with, or for the beginner - to real professional sprayers for the most avid airbrush painters who can make those smallest hair thin details with. Also a lot of intermediate variants for the hobby painter or the more accustomed, to some larger spray guns if you are going to do a little bigger projects such as repainting a car, motorcycle, helmets or other.

    To know which airbrush you should have, you can check out this guide, but in short it is about what and how much you should paint, and of course there is a lot of difference between the different sprayers.

    In addition to the noticeable and visible attributes of the pistol, the insides and manufacturing process differ. Different metals in the airbrushes and different advanced machines that manufacture them. A more expensive airbrush can e.g. have a nozzle made of steel alloy instead of brass which is more durable and resists chemicals better.

    For the properties of the airbrush guns and what distinguishes them, you can see a table below where you can quickly get an overview in terms of needle size, cup size, size of spray image etc. so you can quickly see which ones fit into your preferences.


    Comparison chart



    SizePatternCup sizeActionFeed type
    Iwata NEO HP-CN0.35mmFine, 0.35mm- 25mm1.8ml & 9mlDual-actionGravitation
    Iwata Eclipse HP-CS0.35mmVery fine to medium, 0.35mm-50mm9mlDual-actionGravitation
    Iwata Eclipse HP-BS0.35mmVery fine to medium, 0.35mm-50mm1.8mlDual-actionGravitation
    Iwata High Performance HP-CP0.30mmVery fine to fine, 0.3mm-25mm9mlDual-actionGravitation
    Iwata Hi-Line HP-BH0.20mmVery fine to fine, 0.20mm till 20mm1.8mlDual-actionGravitation
    Iwata NEO HP-BCN0.50mmFine, 0.35mm-38mm28ml flaskaDual-actionBottom
    Iwata Custom Micron CM-B0.18mmMikrofin till fin, 0.18mm-20mm1.8mlDual-ActionGravitation
    Iwata Neo HP-TRN10.35mmFien, 0.35mm- 25mm1.5ml & 7mlTriggerGravitation
    Iwata Neo HP-TRN20.50mmFine, 0.35mm-38mm6ml & 15ml samt en sifonflaska på 30mlTriggerGravitation
    Iwata Revolution Mini HP-M10.30mmFine, 0.3mm-25mm1.5mlSingle-ActionGravitation
    Iwata Eclipse HP-G50.50mmBroad, 6mm-75mm224mlTriggerGravitation
    Iwata Kustom Hi-Line HP-TH0.50mm3mm round-63mm wide14mlTriggerGravitation
    Harder & Steenbeck Ultra Solo0.20mmFine2mlDual-ActionGravitation
    Harder & Steenbeck Evolution Silverline Solo0.20mmFine2mlDual-ActionGravitation
    Harder & Steenbeck Evolution CRplus 0.40.40mmFine to medium2mlDual-ActionGravitation
    Harder & Steenbeck Evolution CRplus 0.20.20mmFine2mlDual-ActionGravitation
    Harder & Steenbeck Infinity CRplus 0,40.40mmFine to medium5mlDual-ActionGravitation
    Harder & Steenbeck Infinity CRplus 0,20.20mmFine2mlDual-ActionGravitation
    Harder & Steenbeck Infinity CRplus 0.150.15mmVery fine to fine2mlDual-ActionGravitation
    Harder & Steenbeck Ultra Two In One0.20mm & 0.40mmFine to medium2ml & 5mlDual-ActionGravitation
    Harder & Steenbeck Evolution CR Plus Two in One0.20mm & 0.40mmFine to medium2ml & 5mlDual-ActionGravitation
    Harder & Steenbeck Infinity CRplus Two in One #20.20mm & 0.40mmFine to medium2ml & 5mlDual-ActionGravitation
    Harder & Steenbeck Infinity CRplus Two in One0.15mm & 0.40mmVery fine to medium2ml & 5mlDual-ActionGravitation
    Mr. Hobby Airbrush Custom Double Action, 0.18mm0.18mmFine10 mlDual-ActionGravitation
    Mr. Hobby Procon Boy LWA Trigger Type, 0.5mm0.5mmMedium15 mlTriggerGravitation
    Mr. Hobby Procon Boy FWA Platinum, 0.2 mm0.2 mmFine to medium10 mlDual-ActionGravitation


    An airbrush gun is a fine mechanical machine that is powered by compressed air. When you push in the trigger, you open up for the air to flow from the compressor through the hose and up into the airbrush. There is dual-action / double-action or single action. A Dual-action airbrush has a trigger that has two functions; press down for air passage and then pull it back to retract the needle and let color through the cup down through the body and nozzle. In this way, you can regulate flow much more accurately. A single action has a single-function trigger that lets through both air and color at the same time.

    An airbrush is important to clean, therefore we refer to our cleaning guide which is linked above where you get tips and tricks on how to best take care of your pistol. You will also find troubleshooting when your airbrush breaks down in this guide.


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