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Mediums & Varnishes

Here you will find all the airbrush medium you could possibly need, including varnish and primer. Among our mediums for airbrush you will find thinners for your airbrush colors, lacquers and varnishes, various types of universal mediums and other fun mediums to experiment with.

Mediums & Varnishes
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  • Airbrush Mediums and Varnishes

    What is it you wonder? One could divide it into primer (base color), clear coat and various thinning or delay mediums.



    In order for the paint to stick better and give the best results, you should apply a primer before you start painting. Primer is available in several different colors and designs, if you are going to paint lighter colors such as yellow, red and sand-colored, we recommend a light primer. If you are instead going to paint metallic colors or use darker colors or want to make, for example, candy colors, we recommend a black primer.

    Some benefits of using airbrush primer

    • The color adheres better.
    • More durable end result.
    • Hides small scratches and blemishes.
    • Better finish.



    The last step in painting and a very important one. To protect what you have painted, we recommend that you apply a protective varnish. Matte, silk-matt or glossy are the most common variants of clear lacquer. There are also lacquers that are UV resistant and if you want the lacquer extra glossy, you can wet sand it with a P2000 sandpaper. The clear coat should preferably be applied in several thin layers, usually 2/3. If you apply too thick a layer immediately, the result is often that the paint becomes a bit "foggy".

    Why should you use clear varnish?

    • Protects the paint.
    • Better finish.
    • Sustainability.



    Mediums is a collective name from the art world and here we have collected a few different liquids that are used to either thin out, delay or speed up the drying process of the paint, depending on what you want to achieve.

    Here is an explanation of some of the different mediums we sell.

    • Retarder delays the drying process of the paint = which gives a more even color.
    • Rapid Thinner, speeds up the drying process. Good for metallic colors.
    • Reducer/Thinner, thinning used to dilute the paint.
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