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Here you will find our selection of airbrush products. We have everything you need and dare to say that we have Sweden's best range of airbrush products. Here you will find everything from airbrush paint, model paint, medium and varnish, accessories but of course also quality airbrush sprayers and compressors!

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In recent years, the airbrush has gained a real boost, as an artistic tool it covers an incredible number of areas within hobby, craft and artistic creation. We at Highlights want to offer you as a customer a wide and as good range as possible, not least in airbrush. Here you will find high quality airbrush sprayers, compressors, spare parts, airbrush accessories, airbrush paint, airbrush medium, templates, cleaners and accessories from leading brands such as IwataHarder & Steenbeck, Mr. Hobby, Artool, Schmincke and Liquitex. We also have Sweden's largest range of Createx airbrush colors at good prices. See our customized airbrush packs in varying sizes and qualities at a discounted price!


Airbrush for everyone

The range in the airbrush category consists of airbrush guns, airbrush compressors, paints and accessories for both beginners and professionals. Airbrush can be used for everything from paintings, models, pastry (to decorate pastries), motif painting, body painting, nails and clothing. In order to be able to adapt your painting to your needs, there is a large range of needle sizes. From narrow 0.15mm all the way up to 0.6mm.


Generally about airbrush

The first airbrush, then a simpler variant without continuous airflow, was patented in 1876 and has since undergone a series of changes and improvements. Briefly summarized, the modern Airbrush works by rapidly forcing compressed air through an ejector pump and creating a pressure reduction (suction) which causes paint to travel from the connected reservoir (either gravity feed or bottom feed), out through the front of the sprayer and the nozzle.


airbrush early airbrush

airbrush early airbrus

Historically, the airbrush has been used primarily in illustration and other artistic fields such as book covers, comic books, graphic novels and advertising, as well as for photo retouching, thanks to the high level of realism that can be achieved. During the middle of the 20th century, it came to be used in the motif painting of cars, motorcycles, trucks, boats, helmets, etc. Later, it has come to be used in additional areas such as mural painting, hobby painting, models, fishing lures, temporary tattoos, nail art, airbrush tanning, make-up, cosmetics, clothing design and much more.


How does an airbrush work?

You can say that there are two factors that explain how an airbrush works.

  1. The mechanics of the airbrush and the high speed of the air allow the paint to be finely distributed very well and therefore enable the artist to work in great detail.
  2. The trigger function of the airbrush sprayer, or gun, is either single-action or double-action. That is, either only the air flow is controlled by depressing the trigger, or the air and color flow of the trigger is controlled by depressing it and then pulling it back.


Which airbrush should you buy?

We have many airbrushes to choose from in several different price ranges, whether you are a total beginner or a pro, just curious about getting started with airbrushing or want to upgrade your current airbrush. To find out which airbrush you should buy you can compare different airbrushes by reading our guide. In addition to airbrush guns and compressors, we also have a range of spare parts and accessories for most sprayers such as Iwata Neo, Iwata Eclipse HP-CS, Iwata HP-BS och Harder & Steenbecks Ultra, Harder & Steenbecks Infinty, Harder & Steenbecks Evolution, Mr. Hobby / Gsi Creos PS-771, Mr. Hobby / Gsi Creos Procon Boy, and more.

If you need a spare part or any other accessory for your airbrush that you cannot find on our website, we can of course arrange it. Contact us, and we will help you.


airbrush airbrush gun airbrush painting

airbrush airbrush gun iwata


What paint do you use for airbrush?

You can use almost any thin color, but feel free to check out our large selection of airbrush colors and mediums. It is common for the airbush paint to be very fluid so that it does not stick to the needle as easily.


Airbrush Compressor

To be able to paint with an airbrush, you need a compressor. All of our airbrush compressors that we sell are compatible with the airbrush sprayers that we sell and vice versa, ie use the same thread and size of couplings. So if you are shopping from us and want an airbrush from Iwata but a compressor from, for example, Sparmax, that work just fine. If you are completely new to airbrushing and don't know where to start? Check out our airbrush guide where you can read everything you need to get started painting with an airbrush.

And which airbrush compressor to choose: The bestseller Sparmax Compressor TC-610H Plus is a perfect all-rounder for those who want to start with airbrush or for those who have been using airbrush for a long time and have high demands on your compressor. We also have the flexible Iwata Neo Mini, perfect for those who need to take the airbrush with them on the go or at work, excellent for simpler decorations in, for example, make-up, nails and baked goods. Also see each product here for more specific information. A rule of thumb when choosing a compressor is that the more you spend, the more it can handle, both to handle low and high pressure and to be able to deliver an even flow of air.


airbrush compressor compressor sparmax

iwata compressor airbrush compressor


Airbrush Kits

We have starter packs in different price ranges for those who want to start airbrushing right away, these include everything you need to get started right away. We have airbrush sprayers for most purposes, for those who work small and detailed such as model painting, nail and cosmetic art etc and for those who work with slightly larger surfaces such as sign painting, motif painting, murals and other artistic activities. See each airbrush product for more specific information.

We offer a number of different airbrush sprayers and compressors. Whether you're a beginner or a working professional, we've got the stuff for you. We deliver your airbrush tools to you quickly. If you have questions and need help with what best suits your purpose, do not hesitate to contact us directly. You can reach us by email or by phone on 08-642 81 90.

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