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Paint Brushes & Rollers

Paint brushes and rollers for every conceivable purpose. Everything from rollers for large surfaces and primer painting to brushes for large and small, furniture and the like. Our rollers are available in synthetic and foam.

Paint Brushes & Rollers
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    The choice of roles is a matter of personal preference, but it is also important to consider what you will be using the reel for. Some have different properties and thus different areas of use.

    Rollers are for example available in different materials such as synthetic material or foam. To make it easier to choose rollers, you can think that the more texture the roller has, the more texture the surface you paint will have. The less texture the roller has, the more even results you get on the surface.

    A small and smooth roller is therefore suitable for rolling a chair or a small piece of furniture. And a large roller with a lot of texture picks up a lot of paint and is good for, for example, a wooden panel. Also keep in mind that some materials, such as foam, cannot withstand solvents.




    When choosing a brush, you can keep several things in mind:

    • Structure
    • Size
    • Material

    The structure is affected by how fine or coarse your paintbrush is, but of course also the substrate. For a more even surface, you can choose a finer paintbrush, and for a result with more texture, choose a coarser brush. The size of your paintbrush should match the surface you intend to paint. It is faster to cover a large area with a wider paintbrush. If you are going to paint small details, you should choose a smaller paint brush. Paint brushes are available in both synthetic and organic materials. If you paint with oil paint, we recommend an organic brush made of animal hair. Otherwise, we recommend synthetic paint brushes for, for example, wall paint and other water-based paint

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