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Graffiti flow pens, squeezers, graffiti pen or mop - no matter which term you use, we have something for you. Squeezers are popular in graffiti and are used by squeezing out paint. We have a wide range of squeezers in different colors that contain paint, ink, water, acrylic or lacquer.

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    As the name suggests, you use a squeezer by simply squeezing out paint or ink that is pumped out into a cushion like pad. The cushion is the squeezer's equivalent to the nibb or tip. Squeezers, or mops as they are also sometimes called, are common in graffiti. We have squeezers in a variety of sizes, colors and contents. On this page you will find the squeezers that contain alcohol based ink and paint.

    Squeezers are made of soft plastic that makes it easy to control the flow of paint. The tip of a squeezer is different from regular markers, it almost resembles a little pillow. The color is squeezed out in the textile fluff and provides a soft and flexible application. Squeezers completely changed tag culture when they hit in the early 2000s.


    Graffiti marker flow pen squeezer


    Mop squeezer graffiti pen



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