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Ink Markers

Ink markers in the form of markers, squeezers, cutters or felt tip pens, also called marker pens. We sell ink markers with permanent ink from world leading brands such as Montana, MTN, Molotow, Krink and Grog. Choose from a wide range of ink markers with everything from narrow to really wide nibs.

Ink Markers
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    Alcohol based marker, also known as flow pen, squeezer, graffiti pen, graffiti marker, marker pen, mopp or mop. Yes, these favorites have been given many nicknames over the years. Different markers have different opacity and color flow, and everyone has their own favorite and preference.

    Ink markers include alcohol pens, some felt tip pens, placard pens and whiteboard pens, squeezers, yes simply all pens and markers that contain ink.


    Ink marker graffiti pen marker mop squeezer

    Ink marker graffiti pen alkohol marker mop squeezer

    We have collected all ink markers in one place for a good reason, namely surface. Because what is most decisive for the result when using ink markers and pens is your choice of paper, canvas or surface. There are special papers specifically designed for alcohol based markers, you can find these in the category Sketchpads & Paper. These papers reduce the risk of the ink in the alcohol based markers bleeding onto the paper, i.e. flowing out.

    Different markers also have different coverage. Inks, which are often a little more viscous, are a little extra suitable for surfaces such as glass, metal, plastic and rubber to name a few.


    Fill your ink marker

    We have a good selection of accessories for pens and markers. If you need extra nibs, refill or ink, you can find it under accessories on the product page. You can also find these in the categories "Nibs & Accessories" and "Marker Refill".

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