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When it comes to Spraypaint, we know what we're talking about! Highlights is Swedens longest running spraypaint store and we've been providing our customers with quality products since day one. Even if you are painting graffiti, street art or murals, or if you want to renovate a furniture or want to repaint your bike we have the spraypaint for you!

We have been selling paint for over 15 years now, and we are always watching the market, evaluating and looking for new products in order to keep the best assortment. Our ranges of spraypaint covers a total of over 800 different colors, varnishes, primers, glitter, reflective, adhesive, crackle, acetone, vinyl, granite, texture, water based paint, luminous paint and a lot of other spray cans.

Some of our brands are Montana Cans, Molotow, MTN, Albedo and Krylon.

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