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Spray Cans

Here you can find our assortment of spray cans containing paint, varnish, mediums and more. Right now we can not deliver spray cans to EU. Only in Sweden!

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Spray Cans

We have Sweden's longest experience and broadest expertise in the sale of spray cans. At Highlights we have exactly what you need whether you paint graffiti, street art, murals or if you want to spray paint a piece of furniture or a bicycle. With spray cans, painting becomes easier, more time-efficient and, above all, more fun!

We started by selling spray paint from our own apartment warehouse in Uppsala in the late 90's and opened our first store in Stockholm 2001. We have since day one had the guideline of always selling the best spray cans at the best price. We are deeply rooted in the Swedish graffiti culture and for over 20 years have been involved in providing our dear customers with spray paint and other spray cans. For several years we acted as a gallery for graffiti painters and other street artists in one of our stores.


Highlights graffiti store spray cans

Highlights new graffiti store spraycans

It has not always been easy to be the ones who sell spray paint to the graffiti painters and in that sense to be one of the faces of the graffiti culture, but we have always held our heads high and fought for graffiti to live and for our customers to be able to buy spray paint without problem. We are very proud to be where we are today and that the graffiti that will never die can live and thrive. We are passionate about graffiti culture and place great value in keeping the price of spray cans down even though the prices of the ingredients for spray cans continually go up around the world. Graffiti should be accessible to everyone and not just those who can afford it.

We constantly keep an eye on the market for new products to always offer the best range in spray cans. Our range contains over 1200 different colors of spray paint from different brands. In addition to "regular" spray paint, we have metallic paint, varnish, primers, glitter, reflective paint, glue, crackle paint, acetone, vinyl paint, 2-component paint, granite, texture, mirror spray, luminescent paint and much more!


What are the advantages of using a spray can?

  • If you are going to repaint an object with small nooks and crannies, the easiest way to get everywhere is with a spray can.
  • Spray paint is the best way to get a smooth surface when you paint.
  • Spray painting is very time efficient.
  • Spray paint usually dries very quickly.
  • Spraying is the easiest way to make smooth transitions between different colors
  • Different nozzles allow you to choose both the shape and width of the application.


sprayburkar och sprayfärg

sprayburkar och sprayfärg olika färger

Questions to ask yourself when choosing a spray can

  1. What should you spray on? Are you going to paint on wood, maybe paint something in metal, paint graffiti on concrete, spray on plastic? Whatever project you have going on, we can help you find the right spray can.


  2. Should you spray indoors or outdoors? If you are going to spray indoors, you can e.g. a water-based spray is preferred. Protective gear can be a good idea.


  3. How large an area should you spray? As a rule, it is usually said that a spray can covers 1-1.5 square meters, but it also depends on which spray can you use and above all which color you paint with and on. See our guide for spray cans and learn more.
  4. How high pressure do you want in the spray can? Low pressure is best for slightly smaller canvas painting, high pressure is usually used for e.g. graffiti or furniture painting.


  5. Where do you throw spray cans? Spray cans that are used up are simply punctured against a blunt object to empty out the last gas (note that the paint is completely used up to prevent paint splashes on clothes) and then recycled as metal packaging at a recycling station.


  6. Can spray paint be removed? Absolutely, there are several ways to remove spray paint. To begin with, we have a spray can for that! It is also good to sand off the paint, some spray cans are water based and can be easily washed off. But it can be good to keep in mind that spray paint is usually permanent, so if it needs to be removed, it often means a lot of work!
  7. How big is your budget? We at Highlights have the absolute best spray cans at the absolute best price, there is no doubt for anyone who does a little research. We have spray cans in several price ranges and all have different uses. Check out our guide so you don't buy unnecessarily expensive spray cans for your project.


How does a spray can work?

A spray can usually consists of a liquid (e.g. paint), liquid propellant, one or more mixing balls and a tube with a vault on it in an aluminum can and at the top of the spray can is a replaceable nozzle. Inside the spray can, the paint is pushed down to the bottom of the liquid propellant, you mix the paint with the mixing ball when you shake the spray can. When you press down on the nozzle, the valve opens and the pressure is relieved, up out of the tube at the bottom of the can, up into the valve and out through the nozzle comes paint together with the liquid propellant, which is then gasified.


Sprayburkar till att måla på duk

Sprayburkar med färgkod

How do I best protect myself when I spray?

We always recommend using a gas mask when using a spray can, if you are spraying indoors gas mask is a must have. There are no heavy metals in our spray cans, but regardless of that, you don't want to inhale gases and paint dust unnecessarily as it e.g. may cause dizziness. We have a wide range of different types of gas masks and dust protection. Another good protection is protection gloves, here we also have a nice selection in different price ranges and types. If you want to protect your clothes from paint splashes, we have protective overalls developed for spray painting.


The spray cans history

The concept for the spray can already came at the end of the 18th century in connection with the soda siphon coming to France when the Frenchman with the alias "Perpigna" manufactured a siphon with a vault like a spray can. However, it wasn't until 1927 that the idea really took off and began to take the form of what we today call a spray can, when the Norwegian Erik Rotheim patented a spray can with a vault that contained liquid together with propellant gas. During the Second World War, the spray can was further developed when the Americans Lyle Goodhue and William Sullivan developed a can that contained liquid gas (fluorocarbon). Then we get to the spray paint! In 1947, Edward (Ed) Seymour invented the spray paint when he wanted to find an efficient way to get elements aluminum coated. His wife Bonnie then got the idea that it would be practical to use a spray can. All said and done, Edward then started the company Seymour of Sycamore, Inc. in Chicago and was the first company to manufacture and sell spray paint. Since then, a lot has happened, not least from an environmental point of view, as the propellant has been replaced time and time again to reduce the impact on the ozone layer. The areas of use throughout the ages have been and are everything from hairspray, car paint, deodorant and spray paint.


Brands are among others Montana Cans, Molotow, MTN, Loop, Liquitex and Krylon

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