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Lino printing

Lino printing is an easy way to create your own prints. We have everything you need to get started with linoleum printing; linoleum blocks, linoleum knives and paint. Here you will find, among other things, lino paint from Lefranc Bourgeois. See our range of papers to print your design on. Read our guide for lino printing!

Lino printing
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    Lino printing is the printing technique where you cut and carve a motif on a linoleum block and then print your motif on paper or textiles with lino printing ink. The paint, also called lino ink, comes in several colors and you can print several layers with different colors. For lino printing on fabric, a special color is used that withstands washing and wear.

    Block printing is the collective name for printing techniques where you carve and cut a motif on a plate or block such as linoleum and then prints the motif onto paper, fabric, wood or a canvas. With us you will find both traditional linoleum blocks and softer blocks that are easy to work with. In addition to blocks, you will also find here all the tools and equipment you need to create a lino print. We also have a range of kits filled with materials for lino printing on paper and fabric.

    Lino printing is suitable for all ages and only you set the limits for creativity. With lino printing you can create your own designs on t-shirts and bags, you can create your own stamp or make graphic prints to hang on the wall. Read our guide for lino printing.



    Linoleumtryck på papper


    Paper for lino printing

    When you then print your design on paper, it is important to choose the right type of paper. Preferably choose a coarser paper with high absorbency, if the paper is too shiny, the paint will not adhere as well. If the paper is too thin, it will bend or become wavy from the wet paint. We've collected some of the paper blocks suitable for lino printing here, to get you started easily.

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