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Street Art

Filed under the street art category you will find everything from stencil art to stickers and urban exploration. Fill your bookshelf with street art guide books, portraits of street artists or street art photography books.

Street Art
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    We have a large selection of books with street art. Everything from Street Art magazines to books with ready-made stencils and do-it-yourself books. We have street art books filled with tips and tricks on how to best get started with your Street Art project, how to make your own stencils, guides on which materials can be useful for Street Art and much more. We also have a large selection of books and artwork by the legendary swedish graffiti and street artist Akay.

    Who is Akay

    Akay or Akayism as he is also known is a graffiti painter and street artist who has been active in the Swedish graffiti scene since the 80s. In the 90s, Street Art or street art became a bigger phenomenon in Sweden and Akay was one of those who stood out the most and made a big impact in the Stockholm scene. Akayism is a fictional ideology that Akay started promoting with large posters in the 90s/00s. In addition to his notorious posters, he has done many other art projects. Some examples of his classic works are:

    • Traffic Island
    • I'm Sorry (Förlåt)
    • Expressen ljuger och fantiserar
    • Buy a Life (Köp ett liv)

    Akay Street Art Traffic Island

    Akayism Planet Street Art

    Akay has, in collaboration with other big names in the Swedish street art scene such as Klisterpeter, Adams and Olabo have done a lot of interesting art projects over the years. We strongly recommend checking out his books if you are interested in Street Art. A living legend.

    Whether you are looking for African Street Art or narrower fanzines from Swedish artists, we have something for you in stock.

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