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Nibs & Accessories

Here you will find extra nibs for all of our various pens, markers and squeezers. Choose between slanted, rounded, small and large, narrow and wide nibs in different materials.

Nibs & Accessories
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  • Replace old nibs on markers

    Initially, you may need to change the tip of your marker or pen. This can be due to several things. For example, it could be because you forgot to put the cap on the chip and paint has dried on the tip. In this case, you can try placing the tip in a glass of water to dissolve the dye. It could also be because the tip is worn. It is easy to change the tip on your chips. You can use small pliers, but most of the time no very fabrics are needed. you can usually pull off the tip and push the new tip on. We have nibs and accessories for all possible different types of markers and pens. Capes come in different sizes and materials and we are guaranteed to have something for you.

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