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Painting accessories

Here you will find all painting accessories such as brush stands, palette knives and palettes. Brush racks or drying racks are good for brush care, and here you'll also find cleaning for brushes. We also have painting accessories such as refillable watercolor pens, paint nozzles and spray bottles.

Painting accessories
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  • Painting accessories

    When you paint, it can be good to have the tools and accessories you need in your creative process, brushes in all their glory, but what would a studio be without brush wash, palette knives and palettes? We always strive to meet the demand for assortment. If you are missing something in our range of painting accessories, please feel free to contact us.



    When you paint, it can help to have a palette by your side where you collect all the shades you will use for your artwork. A palette can be made of different materials, but the most practical is plastic as it is the easiest to wash and care for. If you use acrylic paint, the paint can dry stuck to the palette but can be scrubbed and in some cases removed as it becomes like a film over the palette.


    Painter's knives

    Painter's knives or palette knives as they are called are a popular painting accessory. Palette knives can be used to mix colors or mix colors with medium. But you can also use this painting accessory by applying the paint directly to your canvas with palette knives. Different palette knives give different results, a round knife allows for soft textures and a sharp knife can give very sharp edges.


    Palettknivar och målartillbehör

    Penseltvätt och målartillbehör


    Brush care

    For brush care, we have painting accessories such as brush stands. A brush stand has a container for cleaning with a sieve-like scrubbing surface against which you can gently rub paint off the brushes. The painting accessory brush rack also functions as a drying rack for brushes. You hang the brushes upside down so they dry naturally and do not bend the bristles. By allowing the brushes to stand up and down, you reduce the risk of water entering the brush and causing damage. We have brush washing for acrylic brushes, oil brushes and watercolor brushes.

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