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Biggest in Sweden - graffiti and street culture

As Sweden's first and largest lifestyle store with a focus on graffiti, we at Highlights have extensive experience in what we do. We are passionate about creation and creativity and have always had a strong focus on street culture and art. No matter what art form you practice, we have something for you. We have broad expertise and a large selection within our categories: AirbrushSpray CansMarkers and PensArt SuppliesStreetwear och Books and Magazines.

Within these categories, we have products for those who do graffiti, street art, home decoration and home improvement, painting, acrylic, drawing, calligraphy, airbrush and sign painting. By constantly keeping an eye on the market for new and exciting products, it is with us that you will find the latest, where we strive to keep an assortment of the highest quality from leading brands. Some of these are Montana Cans, Molotow, MTN, Posca, Liquitex, Pilot, Krink, Stylefile, Grog, Iwata, Createx, Krylon, Sharpie, Copic and 1-Shot.

Highlights started in 2001 as a small shop where we sold spray paint and spray cans, and of course graffiti is still our mainstay. Today we have Sweden's largest range of spray paint. In addition to spray paint, you will of course find other things such as primer, effect spray, caps and protective equipment in this category.


A modern artist's shop

We at Highlights are also proud to be able to say that we have Sweden's largest range of airbrush products. We have everything you need to get started with airbrushing or take your spraying to the next level. We have everything from airbrushes and compressors to stencils and cleaning.

Art supplies are a broad category with everything from acrylic paint and watercolor paint to cutting mats and light tables. We strive to constantly keep our range of art supplies up to date. If you are missing something in art supplies, you are more than welcome to contact us.

Markers and pens really deserve their own category. We have a large and wide range of pens and markers, including everything from the classic ballpoint pen to popular posca pens.

In media we have a large amount of books and magazines in art, graffiti, street art, tattoo, photography, hip hop, urban exploration, lifestyle and culture as well as a range of different coloring books.

We at Highlights offer a carefully selected range of streetwear, bags and accessories, from large well-known brands such as Carhartt, Herschel and Eastpak. We always keep a good standard range at HLstore, but are also seasonal which means we always have what you need for the right season; for winter with jackets, gloves and hats or for summer when you want shorts, a backpack, cap or a warm hoodie for late summer evenings!



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