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Ink & Paint

Here you will find all the paint and ink in our range. Choose from alcohol based, water based, acrylic based ink or paint. Our range of inks and inks is wide with everything from super black ink to transparent ink. The paint can be used in pens or directly with a brush.

Ink & Paint
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    Paint containing alcohol or solvents has a distinct smell and bleeds easily on paper. These inks work well on non absorbent surfaces such as glass and metal.

    Paints that are water- and acrylic based are usually opaque colors with more or less high coverage.

    Paint can be mixed with different mediums to achieve different effects. You can also apply the paint to many different materials using different artistic techniques. For example with a brush, dilute the paint in a spray bottle and spray, fill a pen or paint directly with a brush. Let your imagination run wild and play with paint and different techniques.


    ink bläck


    paint färg




    Generally speaking, ink is often thinner than paint. With us you will find, among other things, acrylic ink, calligraphy ink and ink for pens. There are no rules for how to use an ink and many people use ink directly with a brush on paper. Keep in mind that some inks may bleed on paper and that it is important to use a paper that does not absorb the ink.

    With ink, you can practice different art forms on several different types of substrates, such as airbrush, liquid techniques, mixing techniques, pouring techniques and watercolor effects.

    Liquitex Professional Acrylic Ink are extremely fluid acrylics. These acrylics contain very fine pigment, are quick drying, water resistant, clump free and completely permanent.

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