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Light Tables & Projectors

Light Table, light screens, light boxes and projectors for everyone, from professional designers to the hobby enthusiast. We have light tables in sizes suitable for A4 A3 and A2.

Light Tables & Projectors
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    Light tables, light screens or light boxes as they are also sometimes called, "the sequel to the classic window". Light tables are used by illustrators and artists in many fields. The light tables in our range are designed to give you a soft and even light flow that makes your artwork look its best. You can choose between different light tables in sizes adapted to A4, A3 and A2 format paper.

    The fantastic light table is a must have for all professionals and hobbyists. A light pad is perfect for calligraphy and lettering, illustrations, tattoo artists, scrap bookers and for kids to practice. Light tables are used by professionals to ensure that the lines they draw are sharp and even. The light table comes with different light settings for intensity and some light tables are also magnetic.







    Imagine being able to project your art directly from paper to wall. That's what you get with our range of projectors from Artograph.

    The projector is an easy-to-use tool that helps you create drawings, murals, signs and more! These projectors are easy to use: just place the projector on top of a vertical image, and it will project the image onto the desired surface. Create drawings, murals, signs - anything - faster and easier than ever before.

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