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FAQ (questions & answers)

Here you find our most frequent questions, if you still dont have an answer please contact us on: or telephone: +46-(0)8-642 81 90


I want to return an item, how do I do it?

Highlights has 14 day return policy from when the goods have been recived, and can always be returned assuming the products is in undamaged and unused condition with its original packaging. Please see Returns for all information on how to return products.

My product is broken, how I complain about it?

If any product you ordered is defective upon delivery, contact us within 14 days by email and we will sort it out as soon as possible. If we are able to replace the items we will send a new package to you, if not we will refund your money.

Always contact our customer service via email or telephone before you return an item.


I want to order, how do i do it?

You can see all information regarding orders here

How do I create an account at

Account is not required to shop at, but it makes it easier if you will come back and want to see your order history, etc.

The account itself creates in connection with a purchase, and you will get a password automatically sent to you, which of course can be changed retrospectively.

Have you encountered any problems? Contact our customer service at we will help you!


How long is the delivery time in Sweden?

Delivery time for orders within Sweden is usually 1-2 days depending on your location. If you are located north of Sundsvall it might be an extra day depending on Schenkers offered delivery spots in your area. If the delivery time by some reason would be delayed we will contact you as soon as we can!

Shipping costs is calculated automatically and varies depending on location and weight. You can always see the total cost in your cart (make sure you selected your country in the adress field) before you confirm your order.

Highlights is responsible for your ordered items during transportation, but if you notice defection on the package upon delivery have your cashier/delivery driver note it on your delivery receipt. Then contact our customer service and we'll sort it out. All goods remain Highlights possession until payment is completed.

How long is the delivery time in Europe?

Delivery to EU is approximately 3-6 working days depending on country/location.

Shipping costs is calculated automatically and varies depending on location and weight. You can always see the total cost in your cart (make sure you selected your country in the adress field) before you confirm your order.

Highlights is responsible for your ordered items during transportation, but if you notice defection on the package upon delivery have your cashier/delivery driver note it on your delivery receipt. Then contact our customer service and we'll sort it out. All goods remain Highlights possession until payment is completed.

I have not gotten a order confirmation or a tracking number, where are they?

Order confirmation and tracking number are automatically sent out when you have completed an order. Have a look in your spam/junkmail if you have not received it. If you have not received it there either contact our customer service and we will send it again.

I would like to call you, when is customer service open?

Customer service is open monday-friday 09:00-16:00 (GMT +1) except Swedish holidays. Always E-mail us at if possible but for more urgent matters we are of course available by phone. Don't forget to have your order number at hand for quicker service if your question is in regard of an order.

About spray products

What is the difference between all the different types and brands of your spray paint?

Montana White
A budget spray paint. High pressure, glossy paint and best suitable for graffiti. Please note this is not compatible with varnishes.

Montana Black
One of the worlds best and most popular spraycans for graffiti! High pressure and matte finish.

Montana Gold
Montanas most luxurious spraycan. High quality, matte paint developed for graffiti writers, but also the ultimate choice for the artist or if you need to renovate a furniture or re-paint your bike for example. Montana Gold is flexible so if you're painting canvases this is your choice! Compatible with Montana varnishes, primers, effect sprays and more!

MTN Hardcore
A high pressure can with bright and glossy paint. Best suitable for graffiti.

MTN 94
Matte paint and low pressure. A popular and very versatile spraycan, perfect for details. Use it for graffiti, furniture, crafts and more. Compatible with MTN Varnishes.

MTN Waterbased
Low pressure can with matte, water based paint. Low-odor and perfect for painting inside or in your studio. For graffiti, furniture, fine-art and more. Compatible with the MTN Water Based varnishes and their line of markers etc. Don't forget the gas-mask even if its water based!

Molotow Premium
Semi-matte and low pressure, this is a classic spraycan for graffiti artists but also great for furniture and compatible with the Molotow varnishes.

Tarblack samt Coversall
Bitumen based paint similar to the old undercoating-paint. Black paint with a hint of brown, great for covering chrome. Suitable for graffiti.

Liquitex spray
Water based, low-odor paint with a matte finish. Slow-drying compared to other brands, which makes it a good spraycan for experimental and/or artistic painting on canvas. Great for indoor painting, but don't forget the gas-mask!

I'm looking for a specific color, can you help me?

The spraypaint manufacturers use their own codes, which you can see on every can. MTN has some translation to a few standard codes on their website here, but other than that we don't. If you are possible to stop by our store we do have samples of every spraypaint for you to come by and compare to your own paint sample!

Will the outcome of the color be exactly like the examples on your website?

We always strive to have the best information on our website as possible. What you should have in mind though is that different computer screens and the settings affects the colors that are shown. We do have samples of every spraypaint in store and for you who can't visit us Montana Cans has the Montana Gold True Color Chart.

Do you have a color that is equivalent to NCS, Pantone, RAL or similar?

The spraypaint manufacturers use their own codes, which you can see on every can. MTN has some translation to a few standard codes on their website here, but other than that we don't. If you are possible to stop by our store we do have samples of every spraypaint for you to come by and compare to your own paint sample!

How much spray paint do i need?

One spray can usually reach about 1-1.5 square meters depending on the choice of color and the type of surface and its condition it is in. If the surface that is going to be spray painted consists of several small parts and hard to reach areas, always keep in mind that more paint is usually spent than expected. Light color on top of a dark surface is also a contributing factor that will cause more amount of paint than for example black on top of white.

Regarding the amount spray varnish you'll need, you can devide the amount of paint you're expecting to use in two. For example, if you need 4 cans of spray paint to cover a certain area then you can aim for minimum 2 cans of spray varnish to seal it afterwords. 

What is the difference between chrome effect and metallic spray paint?

Chrome effect (Chrome, Goldchrome, Copperchrome in several brands)
Long lasting and high glossy. They are loaded with pigments which reflects the light and gives the surface a shining effect. Chrome paints are 'open' and therefor might react with lacquers, so in most cases we do not recommend that you use our varnishes on chrome but it is possible. Therefor these are best suitable for decorational objects, also since they stain a while you should not use them on furniture or objects you are utilizing. In those cases we recommend Montana Metallic, Krylon Looking Glass or a matte silver- or gold paint.

Metallic (Montana Metallic)
More similar to the solid paints, but with small quantities of powdered metal in it. Metallic paints are not 'open' which means you can top coat with a varnish after 24+ h. Use for basically anything, including furniture, bikes etc.

Do you have a brass paint on a spray can?

No, Sorry. Please see the color called Gold chrome instead.

I want to spray paint a piece of furniture, how do I do it?

See our product guide section. You will find it here!

I want to spray paint a bicycle, how do I do it?

See our product guide section. You will find it here!

Is it possible to spray paint plastic objects?

There's a lot of different plastic materials and therefor hard to guarantee a perfect result, especially polyurethanes and PVC's has a surface which could cause the paint to peel. We always recommend Montana Plastic Primer, (see product for more specifications on plastic types) a transparent primer especially developed for plastic surfaces.

Is it possible to spray on metal objects?

Like plastic materials, there is a lot of different metals and some of them are hard to get the paint to attach to. Especially fat, untreated metals like aluminum or stainless steel. In such cases we most often recommend the Montana Metal Primer, a spray primer especially developed to get paint to stick to metal surfaces withous peeling.

Is it possible to spray on Styrofoam objects?

As you may have experienced, polystyrene and styrofoam melts when applying a solvent-based paint. Use the Montana Styrofoam/Polystyrene primer, which serve as a protecting layer between the material and the paint. You will not need the primer when using a water-based paint.

Is it possible to spray paint wooden objects?

There is usually no problem when painting tree. There's a few cases when applying a primer could be a good idea. Since spray paint is a thin paint, leaky and/or some untreated tree-materials will absorb the paint. In those situations a good idea would be to apply a base coat with a thicker paint.

Montana Universal primer is a perfect product if you are not sure that the paint will cover or attach to your surface, or if you simply just want a white base coat before applying your color of choice!

How do a paint a carbon surface?

Start with priming the surface with a special carbon primer. Carbon primer can be found at your specialized bicycle or auto dealer. A plastic or universal primer may do the job to some extent but do not guarantee the same good adhesion as a carbon primer. Let the primer dry and apply your color of choice in any of our recommended spray lines for automotive jobs.

Can i spraypaint fabrics?

Textiles are not the optimal use, as spray paint works best on smooth, non-porous surfaces. But depending on what you want for results, almost anything is possible. We do not have pure textile colors, but Montana Gold works best thanks to its acrylic base that is elastic when it has dried.

It should also be borne in mind that surfaces like textile 'eat up' color. In other words, if you want to spray a bright color on top of a dark fabric, several layers need to be used, and if you choose a metallic chrome color, the metallic effect will be significantly reduced when applied to a fabric.

Which Cap / Nozzle should I use for my spraycan, and what is the difference?

We carry a large selection of different caps, from the thinnest skinny cap to the widest fat cap. What kind of caps you need depends on what you are spraying. The original caps included with the Montana Gold and Molotow Premium provides a thin, soft spray suitable for small surfaces and details.

When painting a larger area, for example a table, cupboards or a wall, a wider cap will provide more paint and distribute the paint smoother and more even over the surface. For example Level 4, Level 5 or the Flat Jet Wide cap will do that for you. Remember to always test spray on a piece of carton or similar to get your distance right, which varies depending on the cap you're using. But normally between 5-20 cm.

Try the Montana Level Caps 6-set if you want to feel the difference between skinny, medium and fat caps and you will easier find your personal favorite!


SKINNY CAPS - Gives a thin beam and is suitable for narrow lines and details

  • Level 1 - Ultra skinny cap, for extra narrow lines. About 0.5 - 2 cm.
  • Level 2 - Skinny cap. The width of the beam is about 0.6 - 2.5cm.
  • Level 3 - Soft skinny cap with a beam of about 1- 4 cm.
  • Needle Cap - Hard blurry beam, about 0.4-1.2 cm wide. Lets through a lot of paint and sprays much longer than regular caps, it is possible to keep the spray can up to 50-70 cm from the wall.
  • Pipe Skinny - The little brother of the classic Needle Cap. The valve pipe is both shorter and narrower, which affects the beam in the same way.
  • Needle Fine Liner Cap - Hard blurry beam, about 0.2-1 cm wide. A thinner version of Needle Cap.
  • Cream Skinny Cap - Specially developed to give a narrow and sharp beam. Gives about 1-2 cm wide, sharp lines.
  • Flame Skinny - A super narrow skinny cap, delivers a thin, soft beam of about 0.4-1.5 cm depending on the valve and pressure of the can.
  • Pro Cap - Ultra skinny cap, perfect for making thin, very sharp lines 0.4-1.5 cm.
  • Maclaim Cap - Extra narrow skinny cap, the width of the beam is about 1 cm. Perfect for fading and detail work.
  • Skinny Beige - Skinny cap with a soft about 1 cm wide beam.
  • Black Skinny - A good all-in-all skinny cap, about 1-1.5 cm wide beam.
  • Original Cap - Classic skinny cap with a witdth of about 1-1.5 cm. The beam becomes relatively hard and fuzzy, nice cap to get an "old school" look with. Also called Belton OG or Stock cap
  • Universal Yellow - A.k.a. "Banana cap" a great all-round cap that is suitable both for filling smaller areas and for outlines, gives about 2-3 cm wide, sharp lines.
  • Montana Outline Cap - Skinny cap, with a beam from about 1-4cm. Great for outlines and seconds.


MEDIUM CAPS - Medium-width and often with a soft beam

  • Gray Skinny - Medium-wide beam, about 1-4.5 cm. Good cap for filling and creating fades with etc.
  • Hardcore Cap Medium - Medium cap for filling surfaces with.
  • Level 4 - Soft and wide beam from 3-10 cm.
  • Blue Soft - Medium beam of about 2-4.5 cm. Soft and good for fades.
  • Smooth Soft - Soft beam from 1 -4 cm.
  • Lego Cap - Sharp medium cap that is perfect for filling in as well as for lines & details. In terms of size between New York Fatcap and Universal Yellow, a beam of about 1-5cm.
  • Flat Jet Medium Cap - with calligraphic effect, gives an approximately 5 cm wide beam.


FAT CAPS - Wide beam and delivers a lot of color

  • New York Fat Cap - An immortal classic and one of the world's most popular cap among graffiti painters. Delivers a sharp medium wide beam of about 4-6 cm.
  • Orange Fat Cap - Fatcap with a thick beam of about 8 cm. Perfect for filling and wide lines.
  • Level 5 - A very wide barrel cap, with a beam from about 4-15 cm.
  • Flux Cap - As an "Original Cap" with high pressure. The beam becomes relatively hard and fuzzy, nice cap to get an "old school" look with.
  • Astro Fat Cap - Perhaps the widest fat cap on the market, with a beam from about 5-25cm, it is possible to go from narrow to wide in one go.
  • Pink Fat Cap - Classic fat cap with high pressure and a thick jet of about 12 cm. Perfect for filling and wide lines.
  • Super Fat Yellow Cap - Developed to give the best possible performance on Loop spray, when an extra fat, round jet is desired, 1-10 cm. Developed for fast assignments.
  • Super Fat Cap - With a beam from about 5-20cm.
  • Gold Fat Cap - A so-called ultra-wide fatcap, with a beam from about 5- 25 cm.
  • Level 6 - A very wide barrel cap, with a beam from about 5-25 cm.
  • Hardcore Fat Cap - Popular and mega fat, perfect for filling larger areas quickly.
  • Flat Jet Wide Cap - with calligraphic effect, gives an approximately 9 cm wide beam.


SPECIAL CAPS - Caps that give a different spray image. On calligraphic caps, it is possible to turn the outer part so that they give a horizontal or vertical beam.

  • Flat Jet Medium Cap - Calligraphic effect, gives an approximately 5 cm wide beam.
  • Flat Jet Wide Cap - Calligraphic effect, gives an approximately 9 cm wide beam.
  • Calligraphy Cap - Calligraphic effect, with an approximately 1.5-8 cm wide beam.
  • Super Booster - Unique cap that gives a really wide calligraphy beam. * Note that it only works on 600ml spray cans with cross valves.

Can I spraypaint plates, cutlery or glasses and then use them?

Our spraypaints are not edible. We advice you to not use them on plates, drinking glasses, forks, knives etc. Normally they do not stand temperatures over 60-80 degrees celcius, which makes it hard to dish them without reacting or peeling. Sooner or later spraypaint will eventually peel on glass that is subjected to temperature differences anyway, since glass expands and contracts in those conditions.

Is your spray paints heat resistant?

Our spraypaints will stand degrees up to 60-80 degrees celsius. Therefor we do not recommend that you use them on motorparts, radiators, light bulbs or other objects that reach high temperatures.

Do you have safety data on your spray products?

Of course! Check under "Specification" at the product you are interested in, or email us at we will send it to you.

Help! My spray can has stopped working, what should I do?

First thing to check if you're new to spray cans and you have a brand new can is to see that the black safety ring is removed under the cap (on Montana Cans), then always shake the can 2-3 minutes before using and then in intervals during the whole painting session.

Still doesn't work? You need to shake a spraycan for the solvent and pigments to blend, if the can is not shaken enough then the paint is not mixed and the pigments get stuck in the thin pipe leading up to the nozzle when you start pressing down the cap. If you suspect that this has happened, solve it by shaking the can vigorously and beat it against something relatively soft (your shoe sole for example). Then put on a fat cap and spray firmly a few times to clear out all the clogged paint.

If your spray can stops working in the middle of a session it is probably a clogged cap that's causing it. You can solve this by a number of methods. Take the cap off and try to blow through it from beneath, clean it with acetone or simply put on a new one.

If none of the above mentioned methods works contact our customer service for further advice!

The cap / nozzle on my water-based spraycan gets blocked, what should I do?

Water-based spray cans always require more shaking before and during use. This applies to all water-based spray paint on the market since they have a lot less resin in the actual paint than "regular" spraycans, which in turn makes the paint dry faster in and et the end of the nozzles / caps.

How do i store my spray cans?

All our spray cans should be stored at a temperature between 10 and 25 degrees Celsius. Minus degrees for longer times are not good for spray cans, partly because the pressure is deteriorating but also because the adhesive is damaged. This applies to all spray cans, especially those with an acrylic base.

Spray paints are also flammable, so always check any rules for where you live regarding external storage and similar.

If you know the spray can will not be used for a long time; Always turn it upside down and spray for about 5 seconds so that only gas comes out. In this way, you clean out the pipe that goes inside the spray can, as well as the valve where the nozzle is placed. Then store the spray can with nozzle on. All spray cans also leak a small amount of propellant per year (exact amount depends on the type of valve, which nozzle is attached and the exact temperature it is stored in), but if you do it all right, spray cans are generally good at least 5 years.

If the spray can has been still for a very long time, it is always important to shake the extra lot. Shake until you hear that the paint is properly agitated and that there is no dull sound when the ball hits the bottom of the jar.

What's the difference between the white colors in the Montana Gold line?

Montana Gold offers three different white shades in their line. This paint is great if you want to repaint a furniture, your bike or something else in your home. Or if you're painting canvases since it's the most flexible paint we have.

  • S9100 Shock White - Neutral/Stockholm white/Off white
  • S9110 Shock White Cream - Cream/Egg shell/Ivory
  • S9120 Shock White Pure - Pure/Porcelain

Which are the gloss levels on the different spray paints?

Montana Gold: 15 GE matte
Montana White: 81 GE glossy
Montana Night Glow: 3 GE matte
Montana UV Effect: 9 GE matte
Montana Tar Black: 4 GE matte
Montana Ultra Wide: 77 GE gloss
Montana Black: 5 GE matte
Montana Glass Paint: 13 GU matte
Montana Metallic: 60 GE Gloss

MTN 94: at 60º 15-25% Gloss
MTN Hardcore: at 60º 60-85% Gloss
MTN Water Based: at 60º less than 10% Gloss
MTN MEGA: at 60º 60-90% Gloss.

About airbrush

What do I do when there is no paint coming out of my airbrush?

If your Airbrush is spraying the paint at an angle, that it gives a deviating spray image or even that there is no paint at all coming out of it, in most cases it is due to one of two reasons, or in the worst case a combination of them. That there is paint residue in the syringe, probably at the front of the small part we call the nozzle. Or it could be because the needle or nozzle is broken.

First try to clean your airbrush thoroughly and be sure to remove the nozzle and gently clean the inside. If the paint residue is too hard and a regular cleaner does not help, you can try using Createx restorer. When you screw the nozzle back on, make sure to screw it in just until it stops, it is enough to screw in a meager bit too much for it to break.

If the problem persists after cleaning, it may be necessary to replace the needle and / or nozzle. Often the defect is so small that it is not visible to the eye, but try looking at the needle in a magnifying glass if it is slightly bent at the front. We have a needle and nozzle for all our airbrushes here!

Do you have spare parts for my airbrush?

We can order in most parts for Iwata airbrushes. Contact our customer service and we will find exact prices and delivery times.

About markers and pens

Do you have pens for to use on textiles?

We don't have any pure textile pens, but Posca is one of several opaque, water-based markers that work fine on most surfaces and therefor also on textiles, leather and similar.

If you want to use Posca pens on cotton and similar textiles, it is enough to wash the fabric as usual to ensure that it is clean before painting. If it is leather, whether it is genuine or fake, it is washed with a damp cloth and air-dried before painting. Suede is cleaned as always the easiest with a soft brush. Just like with all surfaces you want it as clean as possible before the paint is applied, and of course the surface shouldallways be completely dry. As with all materials, absorbent materials usually require 2-3 layers for maximum coverage.

When you finish your work, the color must be fixed. Is it a garment, for example a t-shirt or the like, it is easiest to do so by ironing on the opposite side, with the steam function switched off. High heat, but be sure to keep the iron moving all along. Is the whole thing done on a material that is not recommended for irons, so you can also fix with eg. a hair dryer or heat gun. High heat also there (on hair driers, medium or low on heat guns), with about 20-30 cm distance and a constant circular motion with the dryer. Be careful not to burn paint or garments.

What is the difference in ink and paint, for markers?

Alcohol based ink is very liquid and will bleed out and soak into porous materials. In most cases only available in a few colors, where black is the most opaque and the colors does not cover darker surfaces. For example a red ink will not be very visible on a black surface.

Alcohol based paint is more viscous and will stay on top of the surface instead of soak in. These often has a glossy finnish and are high-covering, so you can use a white color on a black surface. We also have water based paint.

Remember that inks and paints is best suitable with different kinds of markers and nibs/tips. Ink works in most markers, whereas paint works best in squeezers and similar markers with a nib that will allow the thick paint flow through.

How do I refill my acrylic pen or markers?

Almost all markers can be refilled by unscrewing off the tip of the pen. You carefully pour new paint into your marker's container and screw the tip back on. If your marker cannot be opened, it is not made for refilling, but you can try removing the nib and see if it is possible to refill the pen with a spout and then put the nib back on.

About art materials

Do you sell luminous paint that glows in the dark?

Yes, we sell different paint that glows in the dark!

Luminescense, or ''cold light'', is a phenomenon which occur in different materials and organisms when they absorb and emit light. The type of luminescence we commonly refer to as "luminous/glow in the dark" is phosphorescence. The material is illuminated with ordinary light and is "charged up" and then shines in the dark for a certain time. Montana Night Glow is such one product.

Materials with fluorescence only absorb radiation of certain wavelengths; Ultraviolet light. A fluorescent color thus needs to be illuminated with a UV lamp to shine. These are available in several different colors, including Montana Black, MTN Water Based and Createx.

About streetwear and clothes

I'm looking for a product you do not seem to have in stock, can you do a special order for me?

The answer is yes and no. Our clothing range is very seasonal, which means older products is usually hard to find. If you are looking for a current item from any of our brands, we can always check whether it is possible to find it. Please contact our customer service at and we'll do our best!

Store info

Do you have any physical stores?

Yes, we have one physical store located at Tjärhovsgatan 1, on Södermalm in Stockholm. All info can be found here!

Do you have any age restriction?

We have 15-year limit for buying spray paint in our store. For other products, we have no age limit.

When are your stores open?

See here and keep an eye on our instagram/facebook for exceptions.


I want to apply for a job, how do I do?

We always advertise any needed position clearly on our website and in our social media. But you are always welcome to submit an application and personal letter to our customer service at, do not forget your CV and a photo!

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