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Markers & Pens

Here you will find our range of markers and pens in all their forms. Choose from paint, ink, chalk, felt-tip, graphite and more. Regardless of what you are going to draw or sketch, we have the pens for your project.

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Markers & Pens

Pens and markers are a must for detailed, sharp or extra prominent illustrations. It was markers and pens that actually laid the foundation for what we call graffiti today. Graffiti as an art form took off in the 70s, when people started writing their name, their tag around the cities. At first, people used to make their own graffiti markers from things like a shoe polish mop. In this category we have collected all our markers and pens. We have a large selection of different types of markers and pens for different purposes. Everything from coarse industrial markers to the finest design markers for seamless illustrations.


Markers och pennor graffiti history

markers och pennor graffiti pen mtn


Pens and markers through history


Many have probably heard that you can get "lead poisoning" if you accidentally stick yourself on a pencil, this is a false claim. Pencils do not contain lead, they contain crystallized carbon. The reason why it is called pencil is because in the 1560s it was considered that graphite was a type of lead. Pencils have been around for thousands of years. Despite digitization, hundreds of millions of pens are manufactured and sold every year. There is certainly something very special about holding a physical pen and writing or illustrating something that can be touched.


Sharpie marker vår mest sålda marker

ritkol penna

Our range of pencils reflects the pencil through history, we have the same charcoal pencils that the great artists, such as Leonardo Da Vinci, used to draw in the 15th century. We have the classic and sophisticated ballpoint pen found in many great moments in human history. But we also have modern fineliners for comic drawing and lettering.

But markers then? To begin with, one might ask what markers are. Synonyms are marking pens and. It gives a hint of basically the same thing as pens, so what we call markers and what we call pens are fuzzy. To make it easy for you to find what you need, we have divided them into different subcategories. Below we list all the different categories and what they actually are and what they are used for.


Markers and Pens in our store

  • Within markers we have Ink markers, i.e. markers that are filled with ink or ink. These work best on non-absorbent surfaces such as metal.
  • Acrylic markers, pens from, for example, POSCA or Molotow. These contain an acrylic-based color and the pens are used by pumping the color into the tip. Acrylic pencils can be used for illustrations and are often appreciated for their opaque properties, i.e. they cover very well.
  • Squeezers where you squeeze out the paint. Squeezers are available in different colors and with different bases. There are, for example, both water-based paint and alcohol-based paint for squeezers.
  • Design markers suitable for illustrations. Design markers have similarities to felt-tip pens but are more suited for illustrations. Good thing to think about is that design markers are best suited for use on marker pads or paper that doesn't absorb as much as regular paper.
  • Industrial markers such as tire pens or large markers. Industrial markers can be varnish-based or contain bold colors that cover surfaces that are dirty, wet or rusty, hence why they are often used in industry.
  • Industrial caryons or paint sticks with bold paint that sticks to most things. Paint sticks are also optional in industry. We have industrial crayons and paint sticks in bold chalk or bold paint.
  • Chalk markers that can be used to write on a blackboard or glass, and that you can easily remove with water.
  • Fineliners for illustrations with fine lines, linework or writing. Fineliners are available in several different variants and sizes, tips with everything from under a millimeter in diameter to fatter tips.
  • Felt tip markers from, for example, Sharpie, for simple lines and marking. Marker pens often bleed on plain paper, so-called bleeding on the paper. we recommend paper that is less absorbent.
  • Ballpoint pens in different price ranges and colors. we have, among other things, the popular Pilot Frixion ballpoint pens that can be erased.
  • Pencils & color pencils from brands such as Faber-Castell and Helix. Classic color pencils that you can use to create beautiful illustrations. Pencils for sketches or drawings.


Accessories for markers and pens

  • Marker refill with different color mixtures for either empty markers, markers that have run out or for application directly with a brush. The refill color we offer matches the range of markers.
  • Empty markers that you can fill in yourself. You can mix your own shades or fill your favorite markers with a new content.
  • Nibs & Accessories for your pens and markers. We have the cape for you whether you are looking for small or large capes, slanted, round or chisel capes.
  • Stickers for markers and decoration. Stickers that are popular in graffiti.
  • Train models that you can paint on with your markers. Both nice to have at home as decoration and fun.
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