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Water colours

Watercolor is a water-based paint that contains fine pigment. For best results when painting with watercolor, you should use brushes and paper made for watercolor. We have high quality watercolor paint and all the supplies you need.

Water colours
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    Watercolor has many properties you might not think of at first glance. For example, you can paint with the watercolor directly on dry paper, but you can also moisten or wet the paper to achieve different effects. Depending on how much water you dilute the paint with, you get different transparency of the paint. When choosing paper, you should think about choosing a paper that does not crumble easily. Watercolor paper is often a bit thicker and coarser than regular paper. Even proper watercolor paper can be bent by the water, so always fix the sheet on a plate/disc or tape it to the table before you paint.






    If you are a beginner, we recommend that you buy a watercolor set, then you get a good set of colors and can easily store the box and the brushes in it. You can find watercolor brushes in the category "Brushes & Rollers" but also under "Accessories" on the product pages.

    A tip when you paint with watercolor paint and can't bear to wait for it to dry between layers is to use a hair dryer on low heat. Another tip when you paint is to use masking tape or a making medium on the surfaces you want to keep white because the white in watercolor paintings is usually just blank paper. This way, you reduce the risk of accidentally painting on a surface that should be white.

    You buy watercolor paint either in tubes or in pans (also called cups or cakes), pans come in half pans and full pans. The good thing about buying watercolor in pans is that you can easily take the paint with you if, for example, you want to paint outdoors and you're also less likely to "waste" color. Watercolor paint in a tube is easier to use if you want to paint large surfaces and it's also already wet which makes for quick use.

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