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Art Supplies

Here you will find our range of artist materials! Choose from acrylic paint, watercolor, oil paint and much more! Here you will also find all conceivable drawing tools and painting accessories you may need when creating!

Screen printing

Lino printing

Water colours

Sign painting

Light tables and projectors

Textile and leather paint


Cutting mats

Stenciles and templates

tools and accessories

Acrylic paint

Painting mediums mediums

Sketchbooks and paper

Ink and paint


Angelus direct

Galeria akrylfärg


Paint brushes and rollers

Artists brushes


Painting accessories

Popular brands

One Shot

Angelus konstnärsmaterial

Da Vinci konstnärsmaterial

lefranc bourgeois konstnärsmaterial

Schmincke konstnärsmaterial

Winsor & Newton konstnärsmaterial


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Art Supplies

Here at Highlights, we are dedicated to providing the best in artist supplies. We started as a shop for graffiti supplies, but we have grown to love all forms of creativity. If there is something you are missing in our assortment of art supplies, you are more than welcome to contact us!


Where do you buy art supplies?

At Highlights, of course. Here you will find our selection of art supplies. We have everything from acrylic paint and ink to light tables and calligraphy. Our main focus at Highlights is to be able to offer you as a customer a good and large range of art supplies, regardless of whether you are doing graffiti, street art, home decoration, drawing, models, painting pictures or something else artistic. No matter what medium you use, spray paint, acrylic, marker, ink, airbrush or textile paint, you'll find all the art supplies you need in one place. Regardless of color and technology, you will find most things with us. A selection of artist supplies brands we carry are Montana, Molotow, Winsor & NewtonMTN, SchminckeLiquitex, Krink, Artograph, Stylefile, Galeria, Iwata, Createx, Krylon, Flashe och 1-shot.


Konstärsmaterial och konstmaterial


Konstnärsmaterial och allt för att måla


Artist's materials throughout the ages

Art has been a part of us humans since we lived in caves. Creating can be a way to convey a message and express something, be part of a community or just to have fun. Throughout the ages, artists have had more or less advanced implements and tools to facilitate creation. The cavemen painted with what they had close at hand, such as charcoal, blood or juice from berries. The colors were often mixed with stone tools and brushes were made of animal hair or plants. In the Middle Ages, people created color from pigments in nature and the earth that they mixed with eggs, this is called egg oil tempera. During the 16th century, eggs were replaced by, among other things, linseed oil. During the 18th century, the first colors began to be produced in the form of pressed pigment which was then mixed with medium. It was not until the 1940s that synthetic colors began to be manufactured.


konstnärsmaterial genom historien

konstnärsmaterial genom tiderna pigment

Today there are an infinite number of art forms. Old traditional crafts are combined with new innovation and technology that creates art supplies as we know them today. This is reflected in the range of artist materials, which is also constantly evolving. Over the decades, art eras have come and gone. Today we have what we call trends and even micro trends in art. We are always keeping an eye on the art supplies market for new and exciting products to bring you the latest quality range. Please get in touch if you have tips or requests for something we can take in!


Art Supplies - All you need for painting

At Highlights we have art supplies in all price ranges, both cheap art supplies and exclusive art supplies. We carefully select the products in our range so that you as a customer can easily choose a cheaper art supplies if you want, without the quality suffering. Buy your art supplies online at Highlights and have it sent with fast delivery, easy and convenient.

We believe art is for everyone, and we're here to help you realize your vision. Whether you're a street artist or an aspiring artist, we've got what you need to get started. That's why we've gathered all our artist materials under one roof: we want you to feel inspired and confident that you can create what you're after. At Highligghts, we want to make sure you have access to the best possible materials and products that are affordable for all budgets.

We love graffiti, but we also love all forms of creativity!

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