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1-Shot is an American premium brand of colors and mediums, specifically developed for traditional sign painting, sign writing and pinstriping. Superior durability and coverability!

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  • Based in Gary, IN, 1 Shot makes the world's best paint for traditional Sign painting, sign writing and pinstriping, but also for poster makers and graphic designers etc.

    Since 1948 when the company started up, they have built a reputation as a leading actor with products of the highest quality. Long established among professional sign painters, decorative painters, graphic artists, poster makers, craftsmen and in the automotive industry with pinstripers etc.

    In 2012, PPG Industries acquired Spraylat and its brands, including 1-Shot, and then integrated Spraylat with Matthews Paint. Matthews Paint has for over 80 years supplied the industrial branch with painting and paints. As a major supplier to the architectural sign industry, they work with manufacturers, designers and architects in coating technologies and color development, including a library that holds more than 80,000 colors.

    Among 1-Shot and Chromatic's assortment, we find art and sign poster paints, mediums, varnishes, cleaning agents, fluorescent paints, pearlescent paints and of course their best-selling "lettering enamel", an oil-based and high-gloss enamel paint for indoor and outdoor use. The paint can be used on metal, wood, glass and much more. It is very high coverage and a single brushstroke is enough for an opaque coat, so-called single stroke coverage. In addition, 1 Shot's Lettering Enamel is very durable, even in environments with a lot of wear.

    Although the paint is mostly applied with a brush, it can be used with other aids such as rollers, sponges or even airbrush with the right medium to apply it.
    With Lettering Enamel you achieve the best results and drying times are experienced when the temperature is at least 10-15 degrees. Preferably more.
    Before use, it is recommended to stir the paint thoroughly, and if the paint is to be thinned, a 1-shot reducer can be used for this.
    Drying times are under normal conditions about 2-5 hours touch dry, 8-12 hours dry, 12-16 hours can be overpainted.
    Clean with 1 Shot Brush Conditioner and Cleaner.

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