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Ballpoint Pens

Ballpoint pens, biros or ballpens as they are some times called. Here you will find ballpoint pens in various price ranges with associated cartridges for refilling. Slightly simpler variants or luxurious fountain pens in gift packaging.

Ballpoint Pens
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    The ballpoint pen; the immortal classic. We've all used a ballpoint pen at some point, and it's often underrated in creation. Ballpoint pens are ink pens that release ink with the help of a small rolling ball in the tip of the pen.

    Ballpoint pens have different sizes of ball that give different lines. The smaller the ball your ballpoint pen has, the finer the lines. Ballpoint pens are suitable for writing or drawing thin lines and small details. The ink in the container of the ballpoint pen is extra fast drying to avoid smearing the ink when you write or draw. A ballpoint pen often has a buckle to be easily attached to the desired object.


    kulspetspenna bläckpenna


    kulspetspenna present


    Pilot FriXion Clicker 0.7 is a popular and affordable ballpoint pen that can be erased. This ballpoint pen is available in the popular colors red, black, blue, green, violet, light blue and pink. If you run out of ink in your ballpoint pen, simply refill with new Refill för Pilot FriXion Clicker 0.7.

    Are you looking for a more exclusive ballpoint pen, perhaps as a gift for someone you appreciate? Then we recommend these ballpoint pens: Pilot MR Animal Collection, Black Crocodile and Pilot MR Animal Collection, White Tiger. Of course, these ballpoint pens are also refillable with Pilot Refill.

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