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Acrylic markers

Here you will find all types of water based markers and acrylic pens from world renowned brands such as Posca, Molotow, Montana Cans, MTN Colors and others. Acrylic pens in various sizes, filled with easy-flowing acrylic that is full-coverage and permanent when dry. Several of the acrylic pens are also color-matched with spray paint from the same manufacturer.

Acrylic markers
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  • What is an Acrylic Pen?

    Acrylic pens are also sometimes called acrylic markers, squeezers, mops or pump pens. The acrylic pen contains a light flowing, slightly watery ink that is pumped out in a felt tip. It is common for the nib (tip or tip of the pen) to become worn after you have used the acrylic pen often and a lot. Then it is easy to replace the tip. Some acrylic pens are called squeezer or mop, in which case you press out the color into a fabric pad which you then paint with.






    How to use an acrylic pen?

    Acrylic pens can be used on almost any material, such as wood, glass, metal, paper and cardboard. A big reason why acrylic pencils are so immensely popular is their coverage. You can think of the acrylic pencil as a paint pencil. The paint is usually water soluble and contains acrylic, which is a plastic material, and this makes it cover very well. You can paint with acrylic pencils on dark substrates and layer upon layer without worrying about seeing through the paint layer.

    We have acrylic pens from Uni Posca Markers Uni Mitsubishi Pencil, Artline, Grog, Montana Cans, Molotow and MTN.


    How to fill an empty acrylic pen?

    It is easy to refill an empty acrylic pen or marker. To refill an empty acrylic pen, simply unscrew the top part to easily and conveniently refill your empty acrylic pen.

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