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Liquitex is historically, the first company ever to create a water-based acrylic paint back in the 1950s. Today Liquitex continues to innovate, refine and deliver paint, colors and accessories of the highest quality to artists worldwide.

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    Since its start, Liquitex has had a reputation for being ground-breaking and innovative. This view at Liquitex took off already in the 50s when they developed their first water-based acrylic paint. But the story of Liquitex begins as early as 1933, with the color chemist and founder Henry Levison. Henry then had a company that sold innovative paints and was known for constantly advancing the recipes in acrylic paint. The name Liquitex comes from the first acrylic-based gesso. It was considered the perfect blend of liquid and texture.


    Liquitex spray

    Liquitex mediums and tools

    Acrylic paint was initially only solvent-based and when water-based acrylic paint arrived in 1956, it quickly became a big favorite. After this, the wind took hold of the sail and Liquitex continued to develop new recipes but new innovation that came to meet great commitment from artists worldwide. The focus was very much on durable and safe products in contrast to the dangerous colors and agents that were often used in studios.

    We have a large selection of medium from Liquitex containing everything from glass beads to sand. We also have a range of brushes, nozzles and painting knives from Liquitex. In our range you will also find popular Acrylic Ink and Liquitex Spray.

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