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Createx Colors

Createx Colors, creators of the world's most widely used airbrush paint for professional use. The paints from Createx Colors are made of very light fast pigments, resins sustainable and high quality ingredients.

Createx Colors
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    It is not for nothing that the airbrush colors from Createx Colors have become the world's most used color in airbrush contexts. With almost 70 different colors, shades and different levels of coverage, there is a range that suits more or less all purposes. Createx Colors has been making their paints since 1978 when Vince and Wendy Kennedy, a chemist and an art teacher started making a new water based paint for students and artists. The paint had great adhesion and a soft feel when applied to fabric not common with other acrylic paints. Hence also the name Createx Colors as a mixture of ''Create'' and ''Textile''. This was also the beginning of their first airbrush paints which were particularly good on textiles - Createx Airbrush Colors!


    Createx Colors airbrush paint

    Createx colors airbrush paint airbrush art


    With their revolutionary performance, lightfast and brilliant pigments, Createx quickly became a global favorite among airbrush painters.

    Today, Createx has a variety of series with different types of colors for different areas of use. In addition to their standard range which comes in both opaque and transparent, as well as fluorescent och pearlized (iridescent) colors. The Popular Wicked and Wicked Detail series is particularly suitable for illustrators, figure painters, designers and other visual artists as it covers well almost all surfaces.

    Createx Colors colors work on most materials such as fabric, wood, plastic, canvas, various metals, ceramics, latex, glass and much more. An area of use is also all those who paint and manufacture their own fishing lures, there the fluorescent colors are very popular due to the visibility in the water when fishing. We of course sell Createx Colors as loose colors but also in ready-made kits for those who wish that.


    Cleaner and thinner

    In addition to the extremely popular colors, Createx Colors also has what is needed to keep the sprayer clean. Their own Airbrush Cleaner used to clean the syringe after use or before changing colors. For you who both want to minimize the risk of your airbrush spray drying at the mouth and at the same time get better atomization of the color and better flow, Createx Colors has developed its Illustration Base which does the job very well.

    In addition to the extremely popular colors, Createx Colors also has what is needed to keep the sprayer clean. Their own Airbrush Cleaner used to clean the syringe after use or before changing colors. With us you will also find a variety of mediums and flexible accessories for your colours:


    Airbrush mediums and what they are used for

    Createx 4012 High Performance Reducer - Thinner for your colors from Createx Colors

    AutoBorne Sealer - Base paint/primer for hard, difficult surfaces

    Createx Airbrush Cleaner - Cleaning for your airbrush and between color changes

    Createx 4008 Restorer - Extra strong cleaning fluid

    Createx 4030 Balancing Clear - Multifunctional medium and varnish

    Createx Opaque Base - Increases opacity

    Createx Transparent Base - Increases transparency

    Createx Airbrush Retarder - Prolongs the drying time

    Createx Gloss Top Coat - Shiny varnish/lacquer

    Createx Matte Top Coat - Matte varnish/lacquer

    Createx Airbrush Bottle Empty - Bottle where you can mix your own colors

    Createx Colors paints are water-based and are non-toxic, but are not recommended for use on the skin or for coloring baked goods. We recommend that you thin Createx Colors with their own thinners such as 4012 High Performance reducer and do not mix with other colors or mediums from other brands that you do not know will work.







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