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Liquitex Spray 400ml Tech colours

Water based  •  Item ID: C-561696
99 kr
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These are the technical spray colors from Liquitex. Water-based, versatile colors that match other Liquitex acrylic paints. High coverability and surprisingly low odor, making it suitable for indoor environments. Available in 7 different fluorescent and metallic colors, as well as 93 classic colors (as found under Accessories below). 400ml.

About fluorescent colors.
Special type of paint color that absorbs light, is perceived very strong and can appear self-illuminating. Also responds to ultra violet light and illuminates. Perfect at night clubs or in similar environments.

They generally covers poorer than "normal" colors, so a light base is preferable, but they appear very special and nice.

Fluorescent color is also not lightfast, and they fade over time.

Antal Styckpris Totalt
0 99 kr 0 kr
0981 Fluorescent Yellow
In stock 99 kr
0982 Fluorescent Orange
In stock 99 kr
0983 Fluorescent Red
In stock 99 kr
0985 Fluorescent Green
In stock 99 kr
0984 Fluorescent Blue
In stock 99 kr
0239 Iridescent Rich Silver
In stock 99 kr
0237 Iridescent Antique Gold
Not available 99 kr
Antal Styckpris Totalt
0 99 kr 0
  • Unique water-based technology
  • Low-odor
  • Durability and permanence
  • Color brilliance
  • Matching with the Liquitex color spectrum
  • Professional quality
  • Versatility
  • Usability on multiple surfaces Large-scale artwork
  • Intermixing with acrylics
  • Outdoor and indoor murals
  • Underpainting
  • Stenciling
  • Mixed media
  • 400ml, 7 colors (+93 classic colors)
  • Shake the spray cans well for at least 2 minutes.
  • Water-based spray paint dries slightly slower than solvent-based spray.
  • Even though water-based spray paint smells less, they still contain a propellant and form a color dust when used, so we always recommend using a gas mask / dust filter.
  • Please note that water-based spray contains less resin than "regular" spray, which in turn causes the paint dries faster at and around the cap / nozzle. Wich could make caps, mostly skinny ones, to clog faster.
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