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MTN Street Dabber PAINT 18mm

18mm, Paint  •  Item ID: SPRO011403
70 kr
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MTN Street Dabber - Paint 18 is a marker with a diameter of 18 mm, filled with very opaque paint that is available in ten colors. This highly versatile tool may be used for any technique or type of application. Thanks to its simple valve system, you can achieve fast, smooth lines on a multitude of surfaces

Antal Styckpris Totalt
0 70 kr 0 kr
Party Yellow
In stock 70 kr
Guacamole Green
In stock 70 kr
UFO Green
In stock 70 kr
Avatar Blue
In stock 70 kr
Blue Violet
In stock 70 kr
Akari Red
In stock 70 kr
Madrid Red
In stock 70 kr
Pastel Orange
In stock 70 kr
In stock 70 kr
In stock 70 kr
Antal Styckpris Totalt
0 70 kr 0
  • 90 ml capacity
  • 18 mm round cap "Made in USA"
  • Color with high weather resistance
  • Available in 10 colors in the MTN Hardcore range
  • refillable
  • comes with a replaceable tip
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