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Createx Opaque Colors 60ml

Opaque  •  Item ID: M-CR5211-02
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Createx Opaque Colors is an opaque high coverage paint for airbrush. Cover underlying colors completely, after about 2-3 coats of Createx Opaque Colors.

Createx Colors is one of the world's most popular brands of airbrush colors. The paint attaches to a vast majority of substrates and are specially developed for textiles. Createx Opaque Colors can be used directly from the bottle when appying ith airbruh and uing a needle that 0.5 mm or larger. Otherwise dilute with e.g. Createx 4011 Reducer.

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5204 OPQ Yellow
In stock 105 kr
5208 OPQ Coral
In stock 105 kr
5210 OPQ Red
In stock 105 kr
5207 OPQ Sky Blue
In stock 105 kr
5201 OPQ Blue
In stock 105 kr
5206 OPQ Aqua
In stock 105 kr
5205 OPQ Light Green
In stock 105 kr
5203 OPQ Lilac
In stock 105 kr
5202 OPQ Purple
In stock 105 kr
5212 OPQ White
In stock 105 kr
5211 OPQ Black
In stock 105 kr
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  • 2 OZ, 60ml
  • Water based and non-toxic. Reaches ASTM D-4236 standard requirements
  • Works on textile, wood, leather, canvas, plastics, aluminum, metals, ceramics, clay, latex, glass and much more!
  • 11 colors
  • High pigment load and added filler for opaque coverage out of the bottle


attachment Safety Data Sheet
  • Opaque colors work best with larger tip-sized airbrushes operated at higher PSI settings. For fine lined detail, lower PSI settings and small tip-sizes, but in this case we rocommend to dilute the paint.
  • Use these opaque colors as they are or in combination ith Tranparent Colors. Build up the motif with, for example, Opaque colors (black and white) first and then apply Transparent colors.
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