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Montana GOLD Colour Pack 15, Set A

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Montana GOLD is our Rolls Royce among our range of spray cans and developed to be used both for graffiti painting as well as artistic use and DIY projects at home! The spray cans are filled with flexible, quick-drying acrylic base paint and equipped with a soft valv and filled with low pressure so you can easily control the jet and flow, whether you're a pro or a beginner.

Here you will find our complete Montana GOLD spray packs, available in four different sizes and two variants of each. An A-pack with primary colors and a B-pack with complementary colors. Comes complete with mixed nozzles / caps and latex gloves.

Find more colors, nozzles, clear coat or effect sprays under Accessories below.

See specification for exact color list for this particular pack!

  • 3 x S9000 Shock Black
  • 2 x S9100 Shock White
  • 1 x S6000 Shock Green Light
  • 1 x S2010 Shock Orange
  • 1 x S3000 Shock Red
  • 1 x S1000 Shock Yellow Light
  • 1 x S5010 Shock Blue
  • 1 x S5000 Shock Blue Light
  • 1 x G3110 Frozen Raspberry
  • 1 x G3150 Cherry Blossom
  • 1 x G4210 Viola
  • 1 x G4250 Deep Purple
  • 1 x Montana Caps - 10 Pack
  • 1 x Montana Latex Handskar, 10-pack, Medium
  • 215 matte acrylic colors
  • low-pressure system
  • extremely high-covering
  • efficient & accurate
  • perfect handling
  • best durability
  • weatherproof
  • no color bleaching
  • works on flexible surface
  • perfect for canvas
  • no cracking
  • quick-drying
  • Montana Cans are 100% free of heavy metals and comply with the latest international labeling and safety regulations. All materials are recyclable and the company has a quality management system ISO-9001 certification, as well as ISO-14001 and ISO-50001:2011 certificates for following environmental, safety and efficient energy management systems.
  • Shake well, about 3 minutes. Continue to shake in intervals during the painting process to ensure that the paint is thoroughly mixed throughout.
  • Spray from a distance of 15-20cm. Thin layers, layer on layer
  • Dust dry after about 10 minutes, touch-proof after 20 minutes and fully cured after 24+ hours. Note that times change depending on temperature and humidity.
  • To maximize protection Montana TECH apply varnish on top, after GOLD is allowed to cure fully (24+ hours).
  • The paint is not recommended for surfaces that exceed 80 degrees in temperature.
  • Chrome effect colors such as copper-, gold- and silver-chrome does not work well with Varnish. See Montana METALLIC instead!
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