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Montana Cans

German Montana Cans is the world's largest manufacturer of spray paint for optimized for graffiti and artistic painting. In addition to spray paint Montana also sell markers, pens, protection gloves, ink and paint refills.

Montana Cans
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  • Montana Cans - Highest quality spray paint made in Germany

    Montana Cans is the result of several years of dedicated work between renowned graffiti painters and a bunch of super-nerdy chemists. Their spray cans are today the world's best sellers for graffiti painters and other artists, and are seen by many as the very best spray can on the market. Thanks to the fact that the founders who have a background in graffiti who are active today, together with committed researchers, work continuously hand in hand with many of the biggest names in graffiti, mural painting and other spray art, they can always be at the forefront. Needs and demand are constantly changing among artists & designers, and with the knowledge of Montana's lab technicians, they can offer innovations and products of the highest quality.


    The company is based in Heidelberg but their products are available in almost the whole world. In 2018, the Montana Store Vienna opened their gates, one of their main stores that has their entire range and has become a hub for Europe's graffiti scene where the owner frequently also holds grand openings with international painters, such as PANT, MOST and LUGOSIS.

    Montana's two bestsellers are Montana Black, a high-pressure can for graffiti painting, and Montana Gold, an acrylic-based low-pressure can for painting canvas, furniture, bicycles, models, ornaments, etc., but of course works just as well for graffiti painting. For Montana Gold, it is common among our customers to buy one of their varnish sprays and primers in their Tech series. An Effect series is also available for those who want to experiment with crackling color, frosted glass effects, metallic, marble effects, structure, glitter, hologram effects and more.

    Montana White is their budget series among spray cans and is a lacquer-based paint with a glossy finish, unlike Black and Gold, which dries to a matte finish. With the help of the Montana Tech series, however, it is possible to change the surface finish to a satin or gloss on Montana Gold.

    Other best-selling products in the range are, for example, their Montana Acrylic which is an acrylic-based pen with refills and nibs etc., color-matched to Montana Gold, '' Hello My Name Is '' stickers, Montana Bold pens with refill ink, latex and winter gloves , can racks, fineliners, sketchbooks, spray can bags and sweaters designed by various graffiti painters.



    Many people refer to cars, or home technology when they talk about German quality. Here we mean MONTANA CANS!

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