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Createx Wicked Detail Primary 6-set Createx Wicked Detail Primary 6-set

Createx Wicked Detail Primary 6-set

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Createx Wicked, Createx Colors Professional Series for Airbrush Painting. Permanent paint that works on most surfaces; from textiles, wood, plastic to car bodies. High performance with small amounts of solvents that make it flow well and work in small nozzles, all the way down to 0.2 mm. Withstands weather and wind, and is not bleached or washed out.

The Createx Wicked Detail colors, compared to the usual Wicked, are more transparent and light-flowing straight out of the bottle. They also dries into a matt finish, making them more suitable for artistic illustrations and mural works.

This is a kit that contains five basic colors and the Createx High Performance Reducer. 60ml piece (2oz).

  • 1 x W050 Detail White
  • 1 x W051 Detail Black
  • 1 x W063 Detail Carmine
  • 1 x W052 Detail Yellow
  • 1 x W061 Detail Cobalt Blue
  • 1 x 4012 High Performance Reducer:
    Add 10% or more to the amount of paint, to create less viscosity.
    Paint mixed with Reducer has a pot-life of 72 hours.
  • 60ml each, 2 oz

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