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Montana AP150 Adhesive Perm 150ml Montana AP150 Adhesive Perm 150ml

Montana AP150 Adhesive Perm 150ml

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Acid-free adhesive spray consisting of a synthetic base with solvents. Available as 150ml and 400ml. Repositional spray adhesive allows repositioning and re-application for textiles and other materials such as foam material, photos, paper, card board, wood, plate and expanded polystyrene (to a limited extend). Not suitable for use with artifical leather or other materials with plasticising agents or softeners (e.g. plasticized PVC). Adhere's inlays to themselves and each other. Always test before use, especially when used with heavy materials. When used in textile printing make sure that the adhesive is not transferred from table to textiles. Dry solids content is ca. 35%. Great for large areas and multiple repositioning possible. Short evaporation time.

  • 150ml
  • Permanent
  • Acid free
  • ​Synthetic base
attachment Safety data sheet English
attachment Safety Data Sheet Swedish
  • For best results, do not store or use at temperatures below 10 degrees.
  • Shake well and pply on clean, dry and grease-free surfaces.
  • Optimal distance to the object is about 20-30cm.
  • Spray on and let evaporate for 3-10 minutes (depending on the outside temperature and the absorbency of the surface).
  • Porous, absorbent or uneven surfaces may require a layer of spray depends on.
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