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Montana ULTRA WIDE 750ml

Superfat! 40-60 cm  •  Item ID: L-346774
79 kr
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A revolution in spraypaint! Montana ULTRA WIDE is the ultimate tool for all of you who loves to paint with fatcaps. Unbeleiveably wide output of 40-60 cm without a problem (subject to distance sprayed from the wall). Loaded with a unique Yellow cap that sprays a wide horizontal angled calligraphy style spray, you can fill in large surface area with incrediable speed or create urban calligraphy in amazing large sizes. Montana ULTRA WIDE 750ml is available in Black, Chrome, Blue and Red with high pressure.

Antal Styckpris Totalt
0 79 kr 0 kr
In stock 79 kr
In stock 79 kr
In stock 79 kr
In stock 79 kr
In stock 79 kr
In stock 79 kr
Antal Styckpris Totalt
0 79 kr 0
  • Color Shades: Black, Red, Blue, Chrome, Nappies och Royal purple
  • Valve System: Ultra High-Pressure
  • Lacquer Base: Nitro Combi
  • Gloss Level: Semi Gloss
  • Content: 750ml
attachment Safety data sheet English
attachment Safety Data Sheet Swedish
  • Shake the spray can well, at least 3 minutes
  • Hold on tight!
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