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Montana Blackout 400ml, Tarblack Montana Blackout 400ml, Tarblack

Montana Blackout 400ml, Tarblack

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This combination Nitro-Combi & Tar-Mix can is the perfect high pressure 400ml can to cover any chrome effect or metallic colors, wet or dry. The BLACKOUT Tarblack itself has an extremely fast drying time of around 2 minutes in conditions 15 degree's celcuis or higher. This is about 3 times faster then normal tar products.

With it's pigmented matt black tar formular, it also offers a rich black finish, as apposed to the prominent brown undertones you may be used to from other brands. Loaded with the Black/Orange dot fat cap, be prepared to cover large surface area rapidly and cleanly. Particularly good on non-primed surfaces where paint would usually be absorbed, the BLACKOUT Tarblack leaves behind a beautifully opaque clean line. (Allow to dry completely before painting over).

In store price is the same as Montana BLACK, 40 SEK each when purchasing 1 to 11. if you buy 12 or more the price is 38 SEK / Each.

  • Lacquer Base: Nitro-combi-tar mixture
  • Color Shades: Black
  • Valve System: High-Pressure
  • Gloss Level: Matte
  • Content: 400ml
attachment Safety Data Sheet Swedish
attachment Safety Data Sheet
  • Shake the spray can well, at least 3 minutes
  • Keep on shakeing in intervals during the painting process to ensure that the color stays stirred
  • Remove Capen / nozzle and turn the can upside down so that the safety ring comes loose. Put the cap back on
  • Always Test Spray on something other than the main surface, so you see that color acts good
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