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Montana BLACK 150ml

150 ml Pocket Can  •  Item ID: L-314414
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Montana BLACK 150 ml is available in six colours, based on the BLACK NC-formula. High-pressure, short drying time matte finish. Available in White (BLK-9105), Black (BLk-9001), Code Red(BLK-2093), Irish green(BLK-6045), Light Blue (BLK-5030) and Outline Silver all compatible with the BLACK 400 ml and BLACK EXTENDED 600 ml range.

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BLK-2093 Code Red
In stock 32 kr
BLK-5030 Light Blue
In stock 32 kr
BLK-6045 Irish Green
In stock 32 kr
BLK-Outline Silver
In stock 32 kr
BLK-9001 Black
In stock 32 kr
BLK-9105 White
In stock 32 kr
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  • 6 powerful matte colors, 150ml
  • Quick drying & possible to paint over directly
  • High / Low pressure!
  • High level of coverage on all surfaces
  • Perfect handling with thin caps!
  • Highly pigmented / shake well
  • Non-Drip Formula!
  • Low noise
  • The highest quality that comply with all environmental standards!
attachment Safety Data Sheet Swedish
attachment Safety Data Sheet
attachment Safety Data Sheet Outline Silver Swedish
  • Shake the spray can well, at least 3 minutes
  • Keep on shakeing in intervals during the painting process to ensure that the color stays stirred
  • Remove Capen / nozzle and turn the can upside down so that the safety ring comes loose. Put the cap back on
  • Always Test Spray on something other than the main surface, so you see that color acts good
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